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8 tips that can save lives

Of course, we all went to school, listened to the teachers' instructions, how to behave in situations dangerous for health and life, and even wrote notes for dictation on the last pages of the diary.

But yesterday's students grew up, notes in diaries and teachers' instructions were safely forgotten, and life now and again strives to present another (not always pleasant) surprise.

We are sure that you or your loved ones will never get into similar situations. But it's better to be prepared for everything than to be at a critical moment. Be sure to read these tips!

How to save life

  1. The man felt sick and a crowd gathered around him. what to do?
    As a rule, in a situation where there are manyRandom witnesses, the smallest chance that someone will help, as everyone will rely on the other. Your task is to make several people responsible, otherwise they will just stand and watch what is happening. how to do it:

    Identify the person in the crowd that will be youto help. Of course, his name is hardly known to you, so just point to it and describe: "a man in a white T-shirt and beige shorts! Please come to me and help me hold / bandage / move the person. "

    Turn to another person with a request Call an ambulance. Do not need to think that someone is already doing it. Everyone will think the same way.

  2. You suddenly choked. what to do?
    Such situations are very difficult to predict, therefore the algorithm of actions should be learned by heart. If you choked and can not breathe, immediately stand at the point of lying, leaning on the palms and knees.

    After that, throw your arms forward and drop on your chest and stomach. A rather unpleasant procedure, but the salvation of life is worth it.

  3. What to do if choked

  4. You are stuck under the snow. what to do?
    If you are stuck under a snowdrift and do not know,In what direction it is necessary to be selected, to clear a small hole in front of the mouth and spit into it. Under the force of gravity, saliva will flow towards the ground. Which means that you should move in the opposite direction.
  5. You got lost in the forest. what to do?
    In the forest it's quite easy to get lost. In the event that this happened and your ears are not even echoing - skip the trees on one side. If you're right-handed, then left, and if left-handed - then right. So you can not go around in circles.
  6. You suspect something is wrong in a taxi. How to behave with a suspicious driver?
    First of all, observe the rule: before you take a taxi, always remember the number of the car.

    If you think that the taxi driver is behavingSuspiciously, call your relatives or any acquaintance (at worst, pretend that you are calling) and in the course of the conversation (even fictitious) tell the other person that you are already going to a taxi and call number of the car.

    The driver will not know for what purpose you didCall, and if he really is up to something, now he will only worry about the fact that someone else knows his car number, which means he will not do anything wrong, even if he was going to.

  7. Taxi

  8. Your friend drank but says that he is sober, and sits behind the wheel. How to act?
    Hit him or slap him. Helps.
  9. You feel a sharp pain in the heart. What to do?
    Most likely, you have a heart attack. Before arrival of first aid and reception of tablets of a breath so deeply and intensively, as soon as you can. It helps to draw blood from the heart.
  10. You fell into the water by car. How to act?
    The main thing is not to panic and not try to open the car door immediately, otherwise the sharp flow of water will not only hit you, but also blow it down deep into the cabin.

    Wait until the car plunges into the water, open the window or open the door slightly, so that the water slowly poured into the cabin. After it is almost full, you can open the door and swim out.

Car in water

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