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Trap for wasps

Bites of bees and wasps will not be terrible to you, if youTake advantage of this simple trick! Especially valuable it will be for those people who suffer from allergies to insect bites. All that you need to build a trap - sugar, a little honey and an ordinary plastic bottle.

Honey and sugar can be replaced with another filler. Sour compote, jam, rotten plum and cherry plum - something that no bee will stand before! The annoying buzzing is canceled: the autumnal cruel wasps will be rendered harmless.

Trap for wasps

  1. Cut the neck of the plastic bottle.
  2. Trap for wasps

  3. That's what you get.
  4. Trap for wasps

  5. In a large part add honey, sugar or other bee delicacy and a little water.
  6. Trap for wasps

  7. Insert the neck into the bottom of the bottle so that there is no gap.
  8. Trap for wasps

  9. She was caught!
  10. Trap for wasps

Watch a video about how effectively the trap offered by us works. Obsessive wasps will not spoil a picnic by their presence!

Trap for bees And is very practical. You can use it both indoors and outdoors!

Tell your friends about this cheap but reliable protection against insects.