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How to make food tastier

"Actions in human life are like food, and thoughts and feelings are like seasoning. Badly it is necessary to the one who will salt cherries or pour cake with vinegar ... »That the food was tasty, it is necessary to prepare with mind!

The tricks that we propose are already known to many mistresses. But cooking is such a subtle art that it is completely impossible to embrace everything, there is always a small secret.

From this secret often depends Taste of dish: A small thing, a pinch of seasoning, but how much it affects the cooked food! Try to take advantage of our advice, and the usual dishes will turn into masterpieces.


How to make food tastier

  1. Correctly add fresh herbs: hard (rosemary, sage, caraway, oregano) - at the beginning of cooking; Soft herbs (parsley, dill, coriander, basil, green onions) - at the very end of cooking.
  2. To borsch was with a pleasant sourness, add a little fresh to the broth Beet juice.
  3. Meat is perfectly combined with prunes, adding it to the dish when extinguishing, you can get a refined result.
  4. Replacing the usual onions with leek, You will achieve unprecedented tenderness of soup. With leek it is best to cook dairy and cheese soups.
  5. Chicken cutlets will be even more delicious if you add a little mango to mince, another option - grated beans.
  6. Learn how to cook pesto" - it fits perfectly with any side dishes, meat and even salads, and is also an excellent base for sandwiches.

    1 cup chopped parsley, 2 cloves garlic, 3 tbsp. L. Purified almonds, 0, 5 cup olive oil, 50 grams parmesan or other hard hard cheese, salt and ground black pepper to taste.

    You can add arugula, basil. Mix all the ingredients in the blender and the sauce is ready.

  7. Always have a hidden soy sauce in the kitchen - a few drops can be added to meat and vegetable dishes to enhance the taste.
  8. Sugar improves the taste of meat, seafood, vegetables. Add a pinch of sugar along with the salt in the dishes, and they will become much more delicious!
  9. To enhance the taste and aroma of dry spices can be, if a little fry them in cream or vegetable oil before adding to the main course.
  10. The omelette will be much more magnificent if you beat eggs with cold water. A glass of eggs needs 2 tbsp. L. water.
  11. Sprinkle the liver before making sugar, and it will remain soft.
  12. Sausages - not a very useful product. But if there are, then tastefully! Raw sausages must be smeared with mustard and fry in vegetable oil, by selecting medium heat.
  13. A carrot salad with walnuts and an apple will be very tasty if you spice it with grated fresh ginger. Useful, to the same!
  14. Ground peanuts with garlic will serve as an excellent dressing for vegetable salad.
  15. If you burn buckwheat in a frying pan inFor 7 minutes before cooking, the porridge will be very tasty! And it will be welded faster. During frying, you can add a little butter for a more saturated taste.
  16. Marinated Meat in beer - pork and chicken in light, beef - in dark. You get a delicious dish with bread aroma!
  17. Add the tomatoes to the raw potatoes before it is boiled, - the potatoes will be very crispy.
  18. Grated cheese can be added to the soup dish, this will make it nutritious. With crackers will be awesome delicious!
  19. Always salt meat at the very end of cooking, or - already ready. Add spices during cooking.
  20. So that fried donuts or pies do not absorb excess fat, add in the frying in a warm oil 1 tbsp. L. Alcohol. Donuts will turn out to be lean and more delicious!
  21. Use sugar instead of sugar, and a cream of cream or sour cream will be excellent.
  22. before Addition of vanilla In the dough, dilute it with hot water. Do not go too far - too much vanilla gives the dough a bitter taste.
  23. Before drinking coffee, take a few sips of cold water - this will help to enjoy the aroma of the drink as much as possible and to feel all the flavors.

There is one more little secret - prepare leisurely, with a good mood and thoughts about something pleasant. Food absorbs emotions, experienced hostesses will confirm.

"For more than thirty years I was a cook, I cooked day by day, and finally cooked the dish that I became; I myself was a baker and a dough, I myself mixed myself with the bread that I wanted ".

Let your order and order reign in your kitchen! Share the secrets of the rich taste of the usual dishes with your friends.