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Products from which grow fat

Sometimes, looking in the mirror, we notice thatSlightly recovered. Food in principle did not change, except that a piece of cake on the corporate, as well as a couple of glasses of alcoholic beverage at the disco. Do you think that these goodies could not increase your weight? But just because of them there is this problem. Give up these 11 foods that contain A large number of calories.

Products that get better

  1. cornflakes
    Women with chic figures from commercialsOn television advise to eat corn flakes for breakfast, so as not to recover. Many of us believe in this and every morning they pour harmful flakes with milk or yoghurt. Half a cup flakes contains about 37 grams of sugar, which is much higher than the daily rate.
  2. cornflakes

  3. Purchased yogurts
    If you decide to lose weight, then use milkProducts are only home-made. Yogurts and curd desserts with sweeteners and flavor enhancers will not become "friends" of your figure in any way. A bottle of 300 ml yoghurt of one popular brand in our countries contains about 6 teaspoons of sugar.
  4. chocolate candies
    Chocolate is a quick way to typeUnwanted weight. Today one candy, tomorrow two more, and in a week's favorite trousers will be impossible to wear. One chocolate bar, which weighs 55 grams, contains 28 grams of sugar (about 6 tsp).
  5. Sweet fizzy drinks
    A 0.33 L pepsi drink contains about 8 teaspoons of sugar. In the same can of coca-cola - 7 spoons.
  6. Chocolate dragée
    Many of us like m & m's and constantly buy them at the supermarket to have a snack. But, unfortunately, in 100 g of this product contains 472 calories. In a 45 gram packet - 6 teaspoons.
  7. Nutella
    Nutella for breakfast - this is not the best food for the figure. It has a lot of calories, since it is 70% sugar and fat. In two spoons of this yummy contains 21 g of sugar.
  8. Instant coffee 3 in 1
    When there is absolutely no time and no opportunity to drinkHot, our hands are drawn to instant drinks. In an ordinary 3-in-1 coffee bag, about 10 g of sugar is present. Hmm, it's better to have a cup of water.
  9. ketchup
    Although ketchup tastes completely unsweetened, but there is a lot of sugar in its composition. 100 g of ketchup contains a minimum of 20 g of sugar.
  10. Shop juices
    Start the morning with a glass of packaged juice -The idea is not the best, if you want to lose weight. In a glass of 350 grams of store grape juice contains 58 g of sugar, in apple - 39 grams, and in cherry - 37 grams.
  11. Power engineering
    Energy not only invigorates, but also brings irreparable harm to health, and also from them it is possible to recover. In a jar of energy drink - as much as 27 grams of sugar.
  12. alcohol
    Not only alcoholKindle appetite, but also contain a considerable dose of sugar. For example, in 100 ml of tequila there are 2 tsp. "Sweet gold". It is better to refuse cocktails altogether. If you sometimes want to allow yourself to relax, then give preference to dry wine and dilute it with water or add ice.

Exclude these harmful products from your diet and then you will be able to get into your favorite jeans.

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