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How to use tea bags

Tea - an amazing drink, the taste of whichI want to enjoy more than once. Usually, using a bag, we hurry to send it to the trash without even thinking about the fact that it can save money, time and effort. how? Just use it for other purposes!

If you brew at home tea bags, Do not rush to throw them away - check out our tips and try to apply them in practice!

Use of tea bags

  1. Seasoning for meat
    Improperly cooked meat turns out to be very tough. For softness and juiciness enough to marinate meat using a tea bag. In this case the dish is spicy and very tasty.
  2. Pickled meats

  3. Removing redness from the eyes
    From lack of sleep, the eyes swell and blush the next morning. And if you cried the night away, but in the morning you need to look like a dollie - wet 2 sachets in ice water and put them to your eyes like compresses. Tea helps to rejuvenate the skin, remove redness and swelling, gives the eyes a beautiful shine.
  4. Tea bags in front of you

  5. Harm reduction from alcohol
    Of course, it is better to generally lead a healthy lifestyle,But if you have a good reason to drink, and you are terribly afraid of the harmful effects of alcohol poisoning - dilute alcohol with tea in a 1: 1 ratio. You can do this by putting the used tea bag in the water for a few minutes, and then adding the same amount of alcohol. In the end, the drink will contain fewer calories and sugar, and its taste will become brighter.
  6. mulled wine

  7. Universal cleaning agent
    Very few people know, but tea is fast and effectiveFights pollution and grease on mirrors, laminate, linoleum, parquet and wooden furniture. Just do not forget to wipe the surface dry. Otherwise the spots will be from tea.
  8. The hand washes

  9. creation
    Using glue, scissors, paper and a little imagination from an ordinary tea bag you can make an original craft. This idea will be especially liked by children.
  10. Flowers from tea bags

  11. Help with problems in the oral cavity
    If the mouth has small wounds or ulcers, thenHelp them to heal faster by using a bag of tea. Soak the sachet in water and bite it with your teeth so that the tea gets on the sore spots. This will help relieve pain and speed up the healing of the skin.
  12. chamomile tea

  13. Fertilizer for plants
    Used sachets can become an excellent fertilizer for your houseplants, it is enough just to mix tea leaves with the ground.
  14. fertilizer

You have at home or in the office for sure there are teaSachets. Try to use them as a fertilizer or a means for cleaning surfaces. If you have a proven and unusual way of using tea bags - share them in the comments and do not forget to tell your friends about it!