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Why there are pimples

One must learn to be receptive to one's bodilyProcesses and notice the slightest change! Noticing the changes, it is worth to understand what happens to the body and why. In the body everything is interconnected, and if we were on the alert constantly, we could prevent terrible diseases. But usually how does it happen? There is no time to go to the doctor, take tests, find out what's wrong ...

And the next stage begins: there are already Noticeable symptoms of the disease. If the owner of the body does not turn them in timeAttention, write is gone! The illness will be detected in a neglected state, sometimes in an incurable form, because precious time is lost because of the banal laziness.

It is generally accepted that Rash on face and body - teenage problems. But very often such problems arise in adults too! Cause - failure in the work of internal organs and various diseases. Let's see in detail what this means.

Why there are pimples

Symptoms of various diseases

  1. Acne in the lower jaw and neck area
    May indicate Elevated blood sugar, Excessive adrenal activity. It is worth giving an analysis to the blood sugar level, to check whether there is diabetes. Also such manifestations can provoke a hormonal imbalance. It is necessary to check whether the balance of female and male hormones is normal.

    Rash in this area may indicate problems withGastrointestinal tract, digestive disorders. Should avoid any sweets, fatty foods, products with preservatives. It is very important for any rash to stop eating milk! This product is 100% guaranteed the appearance of acne if your skin has a tendency to it.

    Why there are pimples on the chin? In women such a symptom often indicates gynecological problems, consultation of a gynecologist-endocrinologist is needed. In men this may be due to liver disease.

    Why there are pimples on the chin

  2. Pimples in the neck and upper back
    The rash in this area is provoked Malfunction of the nervous system, Excessive nervous tension, a powerful ejectionAdrenaline. This is why acne on the back often happens in athletes who inject the body into stress during excessive training.

    Also such a rash may be the result of a terrible nervous shock and inadequate personal hygiene.

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  3. Pimples on the back
    Very often the appearance of acne on the back contributes to synthetic clothing, excessive sweating. It is necessary to wear clothes from natural fabrics, if the rash occurs on the body!

    Pimples on the back are the result of a violationWork of the stomach, you should balance your diet. It is important to add vitamins, vitamin deficiency can also be the cause of acne. Another reason - hormonal failure, perhaps, Disruption in the endocrine system. You can not run this problem: you should consult a specialist if the rash on your back does not last long! It can also indicate different infections in the body.

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  4. Pimples in the chest area
    Pimples in this delicate place often appear as a result of Allergic reaction Both on food, and on clothes, perfumes, hygienic means for body care. Diseases associated with the nervous system are another reason.

    Rashes on the chest and in others completelyUnpredictable places indicate that the digestive system is overloaded and simply can not withdraw all the by-products of digestion on its own, because it tries to do this through the skin. Because the skin is one of the organs of excretion. Diet and once again a diet, less sweets, meat, no sausages and everything similar to them, no flour products and bread, clogging the stomach, no dairy products.

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  5. Pimples on the elbows
    Yes, and it happens! Acne on the elbows and knees - the result of a lack of vitamins. You need to eat carrots every day, preferably - with butter, so that vitamin A is well absorbed. In addition, you need to buy vitamins a and e in the pharmacy and drink them at least a month.

    Also acne appear as a result Lack of zinc in organism. Take zinc from the pharmacy is expensive, this drug is useful, but causes nausea and has a number of other side effects. If necessary, in a really serious case such a drug will be prescribed by a doctor. In prophylactic purposes is on an empty stomach to eat raw pumpkin seeds, in which zinc is present in abundance, a handful a day will be enough.

    Why there are pimples on the neck

  6. Acne on the stomach
    One of the most dangerous types of rash, may beIs caused by any violations in the work of internal organs, including serious diseases. It is worthwhile to carefully check how all the systems of the body work, and to know the level of sugar in the blood.
    Why there are pimples on the body
  7. Pimples on the buttocks and other intimate parts of the body
    One of the reasons is a synthetic fabric thatCan rub against the skin and cause irritation. Linen should be as comfortable and safe for the skin, pleasant to the touch, not only beautiful! Behold Why there are pimples on the pope - perhaps because of the lace underwear ...

    If the rash aches and itchs, at least a little, you need to immediately go to the dermatologist, possibly joining the infection.

    Why there are pimples on the pope

Do not forget to read about what productsGuaranteed cause a terrible rash, even if you are absolutely healthy. They should be avoided if you want to look great at important events. Be sensitive to your health, and you will keep it to a very old age!