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Where to apply perfume

Perfume - this is your calling card, and to be recognized by you, it is very important to learn how to apply it correctly. It turns out, wrists are not the only points on the human body, Where to put perfume. And if you learn to use them all correctly and wisely, your scent will be in the air for a very long time!

So, below are collected 6 magic points on the body, for which "so simple!" Recommends you apply perfume.

Where to put perfume

Merlin with perfume

  1. hair
    The founder of the perfume brand byredo ben goreAssures that hair can retain its aroma much longer than skin. But spraying perfume on them, you need to be extremely careful, because the alcohol contained in it can damage your hair. You can even drizzle perfume on the comb and hold them through the hair.
  2. Area behind ears
    This point is less popular than wrists, and in vain, because in this place the veins pass very close to the skin, which creates ideal conditions for warming up and spraying the perfume.
  3. Back of the neck
    Chandler Burr claims that the fragrance applied to this place is capable of driving mad, because the aroma will not only last long on your body, but it will not bother the surrounding people either.
  4. Inner surface of the elbow
    This point "sounds" even more seductively than the wrists. Try to apply perfume to this place and the result will amaze you!
  5. Back of the knee
    This is the best area for applying perfume. Air flows will go up and envelop you with fragrance.
  6. navel
    Actress Liv Tyler says that her father is Steven Tyler, he does so always, because at this point the temperature is always a little higher and the aroma because of this reveals much better.

Remember these 6 places, so that the aroma on your body lasts as long as possible. Did you like these tips? Then tell them about it to your friends!