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What kind of hair is better for sleeping

An amazing fact, but this receiver was used even in ancient Russia. Braid And pick it up in a bundle was considered a very right decision - the hair did not get tangled, did not get dirty, did not interfere with sleeping.

If you are the owner of long hair, curly locks, hair of medium length, devoid of volume - try To sleep with a bunch on the head!! Due to the fact that the hair will be all night slightly lifted at the roots, the next morning you wake up with an irresistible voluminous hair. The collected hair is not so quickly contaminated.

In addition, the beam has several hidden advantages ...

With what haircut is better to sleep


to braid hair
At night - very convenient. Hair do not interfere during sleep, do not climb into the face. Besides convenience, in braiding and tying hair is another plus. Not for nothing that the ancient beauties did so every day! Braided, collected hair grows much faster.

The fact is that the order on the head is the mostA comfortable condition for the hair: they do not rub against each other, they do not undergo breaks as much as loose ones. Hair bulbs feel much better when the hair is neatly collected.

Night hairstyle Should not be tight. With the help of a weak gum it is enough to make a free bundle for medium length hair or a braided braid for long hair.

If the next morning you want to wake up with a fantasticVoluminous hair, apply a little foam to the damp hair for styling and collect them. Hair will be in good condition and keep the shape from the roots to the tips!

You need to collect hair not only at night, but also during the day. For better hair growth And preventing the negative impact of wind,Bright sun and ultraviolet radiation, it is recommended to braid the hair. Russian beauties used to always go only with a scythe, loose hair was considered bad form. And what strong, living locks they had ... all folk customs have a background - so it is more useful!

This information will be very useful to those who doubt the usefulness of braided hair at night. Most importantly - choose a free Night laying, Do not pull anything together.

Remind your girlfriends about this easy way Maintain hair in a chic form!!