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The role of the father in raising a child

It is considered that in Child upbringing, The father must take the position of the "second pilot". And many may think that its role is less significant, but in fact everything is not so.

This stereotype about the role of the father is known for a long time,But the most widespread it was in the 70s of the last century, when it was supported by all the leading teachers and psychologists of the world. But modern research shows that in the past, scientific authorities were deeply mistaken. Today we will cite 7 recent discoveries by modern scholars who published the sex of the ribs in his book "Are Fathers Important?"

The role of the father in the upbringing of the child

  1. Gene fight
    A biologist from the Harvard named David HaigPublished a study in which he showed that the genes of the father and the mother's genes behave differently in the embryo. The first try to ensure that as much as possible of the mother's forces is passed on to the future heir, even if the woman herself suffers. The latter can limit the child in the name of preserving the mother's body.
  2. Fewer risks during pregnancy
    At the University of Florida conducted a study,Which confirmed that the constant presence of the father during pregnancy favorably affects the future child. If the father was not there, then the children were much more often born prematurely. In addition, the probability of death of these babies during the first months of life also increased significantly. Also, the presence of the father positively affected the health of the future mother.
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  4. Less painful birth
    Studies indicate that if during childbirthNext there is a husband, then women are much easier to bear the pain. In addition, men who saw with their own eyes the appearance of a child in the world, spend more time on caring for them and participate more actively in their upbringing.
  5. Together after childbirth
    It is very important that the father as much as possible communicate with the child after childbirth. His absence in the future can have a very negative impact on the behavior of the child and his communication with peers.
  6. Reduce the aggressiveness of the heir
    Scientists from Oxford watched the children from oneof the year. If their fathers were regularly absent from their lives, then in the future their behavior was more often manifested aggression. While the amount of time that the mother paid to the child did not affect this factor at all.
  7. Father's influence on speech development
    Fathers are more influential in Development of the child's speech, Than the mother. The fact is that mothers often see the baby, so they know more about his language abilities and use fewer words, according to the abilities of the child.

    When the father communicates with the baby, then he uses a broader vocabulary, which helps to develop it in crumbs. These data are confirmed by many studies around the world.

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  9. Girls growing up with their father and without ...
    Scientists have long noticed that if a girl grows without a father, then it reaches puberty much earlier than her peers. But for a long time no one could explain this phenomenon.

    It turns out that such girls subconsciouslyConvince themselves that men will not be around for a long time, so you need to grow up as quickly as possible. Argue that the reason can also serve as the absence of the smell of his father. At least in the world of animals, the presence of pheromones of the father inhibits the sexual maturation of the offspring.

In the end, we want to wish that all men could repeat with a clear conscience the words of the rib: "I am pleased to realize that my presence is helping my children. But I spend time with them not because of this. I just love them!"

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