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Small culinary tricks

In the kitchen, you can not do without small culinary tricks. Because sometimes the petty work takes too much time and energy. But inadvertently Spoiled dish Can for the whole day be unsettled and finally spoil the mood.

Redaction "so simple!" Wants to share with you 12 simple tips that will come in the kitchen as it is impossible by the way.

Culinary tricks

  1. Snow white rice
    To give the dishes of rice a special whiteness, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the boiling water. Cooked rice will turn out amazingly white.
  2. Piquant smell of garlic
    Do you want to give the salad a thin, barely perceptible smell of garlic for appetite, but are afraid to overdo it? no problems! Just cut a slice of garlic and rub it with a doso on which you will cut the rest of the vegetables.
  3. Ruddy color baking
    To give a bake ruddy color, it must be pre-lubricated with yolk. Namely yolk, and not the whole egg. Otherwise the golden crust may crack.
  4. To prepare a transparent broth
    If you want to surprise everyone with a crystal clear broth, you can do it with ice. It should be thrown into the broth, and then brought to a boil over low heat.
  5. Just peel the eggs
    If the eggs are fresh, then after cooking enoughIt is difficult to peel off the shell, which is removed together with the protein. In this case, the boiled eggs must be lowered into ice water, and the protein itself lags behind the shell.
  6. Salt substitute
    Excessive consumption of salt harms ourBody, but without it, the dishes are fresh and tasteless. Those who want to limit the consumption of salt, we recommend that instead of adding lemon juice to the dishes.
    lemon juice
  7. Peel almonds from husk
    Almonds are usually sold in husk, whichPerceptibly bitter. To easily clean it, almonds must first be given with boiling water, and then rinsed in cold water. After that the bitter husks practically get off.
  8. The secret of delicious coffee
    To reveal the whole range of fragrant and palatable colorsCoffee will help pinch ordinary salt. Just add it to the tip of the knife in the container, in which you make this wonderful drink, and coffee will play with new shades.
  9. Beautiful crust on baked meat
    When bake the meat in the oven and want toIt turned out with a beautiful crust, you need to pour it with a mixture of pomegranate juice, honey and cognac. This will not only make the baked meat beautiful, but also give it a unique taste.
  10. Return tenderness to the meat
    If the meat is digested in a saucepan and becomes tooHard, and the whole dish is not ready yet - it does not matter. Take out the meat and soak it in lemon juice or vinegar with vegetable oil. The meat will once again become juicy and tasty.
  11. Replacing crackers with breadcrumbs
    To give the cutlets a particularly pleasant taste, betterJust pan them before frying not in breadcrumbs, but in crushed nuts. Vegetarian cutlets from peas are especially succulent. They can not be distinguished at all from meat.
  12. Fix salted soup
    Inadvertently overshot the soup? not scary. A mound in a gauze pouch of rice or other cereals and drop it into boiling soup. Rice will take over the extra salt. And getting it out of the pan, you will get already cooked garnish.

Remembering this dozen of simple secrets, you can not only easily cope with tasks in the kitchen, but also surprise all unsurpassed dishes.

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