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6 exercises from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs for many years practiced meditation. These studies, according to the genius himself, helped him "to calm down, sharpen intuition, clarify the vision and feel himself in the present tense here and now." if Practice meditation, Then you can slow down the flow of thoughts, expand consciousness and see immeasurably more than before.

In Zen Buddhism there is even Special kind of self-knowledge, Which is called the "mindfulness meditation". It turns out that even here the job ahead of its time: such corporations with a global name like google, target and ford specially train their employees about the same meditation that Jobs discovered several decades ago!

Mindfulness meditation technique

Steve Jobs

  1. You need to sit cross-legged in a quiet secluded place. In order to reduce tension in the back, sit on a flat pillow and start to take deep breaths and exhalations.
  2. Closing your eyes, listen to your innerVoice, to those thoughts and ideas that constantly flash in the head: work-home-TV ... what is happening now in my head is the result of the work of the so-called fussy "monkey mind".

    It does not need to be stopped, and at firstThis is not very likely to work. Just become an observer and watch how the mind jumps from one thought to another. This exercise should be repeated for 5 minutes a day for a week.

  3. While thoughts are circling in chaotic order, try to shift attention to your
    "The mind's minds." This is the part of the mind that thinks calmly and slowly. "Mind-witting" Just watching the world around him. He does not give assessments, does not seek meanings, he simply sees, hears and feels. Most people do not even know it.
  4. As you become aware of your "ox mind", askHe gradually muffled the constant work of the "monkey mind". Do not be upset if from time to time he wakes up. They are such monkeys - bright. Nevertheless, in carrying out this exercise, you will find that you have become more relaxed, and the noise and fussiness have receded into the background.
  5. when "Monkey mind" Calm down, continue to focus on"The ox mind." Feel how your breathing slows down, how the skin feels the touch of air. Perhaps you will even feel the blood running inside your body. If you want to open your eyes, the world around you may seem a little different, new and even kind of strange.

    Say, the window will become just a rectangle,Filled with light. It is not required to open or close, repair or wash. It just is - here and now. As well as everything that surrounds you - here and now.

  6. To achieve this, you will needfew weeks. Gradually, day by day increasing the duration of meditation, you will not feel the flow of time, however long the lessons last.

The benefits of regular meditation:

  1. Getting rid of stress
    Even if there are any difficulties in your life, they will not develop into serious unrest.
  2. Getting rid of insomnia
    According to people who regularly practice meditation, they only have a couple of seconds to fall asleep.
  3. A clear view of life and an awareness of what is happening in it
    Many mindfulness meditation helped to get away from destructive relationships in personal life or vice versa, to find a loved one, to find a job that brings pleasure, to become happier as a whole.

Try to do meditation. This will help you not only to reveal your abilities, but also Improve quality of life.

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