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Cleansing with salt water

For sure you did not know that you can be treated with salt water. Specialists argue that Warm water with sea salt, Having drunk on an empty stomach, is capable for 7 days to literally revive every cell of the body. Because water is the source of life, it is absolutely natural for the body.

"so simple!" In this article will try to convince you of the miraculous properties of a natural drink. Strengthening of bones, normalization of sugar in the blood, Acceleration of metabolism, Improving immunity is just some of the benefits of a glass of medicinal fluid.

Water with sea salt

Purification with salt water

In a glass of hot water, sol. 1 teaspoon. Without roller coaster sea food salt. Carefully stir until completely dissolved. Try it: if the liquid seems too concentrated, dilute it a little.

Water with sea salt

Drink salted water 7 days in the morning on an empty stomach. Then take a break for a week, after which you can continue the practice.

Important: conduct Salted water treatment Contraindicated to those who suffer any violations in the work of the kidneys!

Useful properties of salt water

  1. Water with sea salt is a depository of necessary Minerals For our body. Chemists have identified more than 80 elements. Do not sit down on a salt-free diet, if you want the organs to function normally.
  2. Salt serves as a natural antibiotic for the intestine. The use of water and salt accelerates the digestion process.
  3. Saline water helps prevent osteoporosis and brittle bones.
  4. Maintains the normal level of fluid in the body. Even a medical saline solution, with which they put drippers, salty taste.
  5. Due to the large content of minerals important for the nervous system, regular drinking of salt water will help to normalize the emotional state and prevent Insomnia. Salt maintains the necessary level of serotonin and melatonin, the most important antidepressants.
  6. Salt helps liquefy mucus in the lungs and sinuses of the nose for colds and flu. Helps to remove phlegm from the body.
  7. A glass of water with salt gives the skin a smooth tone and fresh color.

All of the above pluses are valid forTo water with sea salt, common salt for medicinal purposes is not good. Many sources of healing are given to us by nature itself. Tell your friends about this.