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Audrey Hepburn's Secrets of Style

Audrey Hepburn - this is not only a wonderful British actress,But also a man who left a bright imprint in the history of fashion. Many consider her to be the most stylish woman of all time. We have prepared for you 9 style lessons from the unrivaled Audrey Hepburn, which are relevant now. In the opinion of the actress, the main thing is to choose what suits you, and pay attention to the classics.

Secrets of the style of Audrey Hepburn

  1. Sometimes, a simple dress is all that is needed,To be stylish. First of all use your natural charm. Her favorite outfit was a small black dress, to which she was choosing luxurious ornaments. The creator of the dress was certainly Gabrielle Chanel, but one of his popularizers was exactly the one who lived there. First she appeared in it in the movie "Sabrina", and then in the film "breakfast at Tiffany."
  2. A plain white shirt can be made elegantDetail of the wardrobe. This thing became incredibly popular after the film "Roman holidays". Such element of the men's wardrobe was dressed in a wide skirt by a belt. The actress proved that even in a simple men's shirt you can look like a real lady.
  3. Audrey Hepburn

  4. Perfect blazer or jacket that fitsYour type of figure should be for every woman. An example of how to properly wear it, and what to combine, you can see in the movies "how to steal a million" and "Sabrina."
  5. Audrey Hepburn

  6. Odri is confident that in order to lookIt is not necessary to wear heels. The beloved shoes of the actress with an increase of 1.70 m were ballet flats. She combined shoes at low speed with shortened trousers.
  7. Audrey Hepburn

  8. Many women adore to wear black clothesColor and knowingly do it. Black is considered a color of elegance. Odri said that he best reveals the individuality of a woman. When you do not know what to wear for the solemn event, give preference to dark things in combination with bright accessories. But do not focus only on black. Bright colors, no doubt, should be in the wardrobe of each.
  9. Audrey Hepburn

  10. A bag is an indispensable accessory thatIs present in the image of almost all women. Find a classic and practical bag for yourself. Audrey Hepburn wore a very often tweed bag. With her, she looked great.
  11. Audrey Hepburn

  12. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but also are a stylish accessory. Odri advises them to put on even with an evening gown.
  13. Audrey Hepburn

  14. Most often, her hair was picked up. With the help of such a device, she opened her long, beautiful neck. A short bang made her image meek and sweet. Also, Odri loved to make a pony tail, which looks elegant and neat.
  15. Audrey Hepburn

  16. To make the image more elegant, wear a handkerchief. You can tie it around your neck or on your head. Kerchief actress wore not only in the movies, but also in everyday life. Such trifles make the image truly stylish.

Audrey Hepburn

The most important rule: pay attention to someone else's style, but at the same time try to create your own unique. And also wear clothes that allows you to remain yourself.

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