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Embroidery on the hair

Not so long ago the whole world discussed fashionistas who demonstrated the power of make-up and laid out in the social networks pictures with makeup on half the face.

Today fashion continues to travel around femaleHeads and got to the most important decoration of any of the fair sex - hair. These fashionable women have already managed to make embroidery on their hair and put their personal photos online! How do you like this trend?

Embroidery on hair

You will need

  • Embroidery frame
  • String of floss
  • needle

How to do it

  1. Pull a strand of hair on the embroidery frame. This will be your "canvas".
  2. Needle "with embroidery threads" embroider "directly through the hair. If you know how to handle a needle and thread - for you it will not be a problem.
  3. Fasten the ends of the threads with nodules, hiding them by the hair.

Embroidery on hair

Bright colors will remind of a sunny summer!

Embroidery on hair

Classic black and white tones will be relevant at any time of the year.

Embroidery on hair

Most importantly, what is needed for the "victims" of beauty - assiduity!

Embroidery on hair

Embroidery, which is equated with a work of art!

Embroidery on hair

If you or your friends know how Embroider - this newfangled trend certainly will not pass you by. Share this creative idea with friends, surely they will also want to try their talents or have patience and perseverance!