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The shortest test

"The wheel of life" or "Wheel of harmony" Is the fastest and easiest psychologicalA test that helps a person understand how happy he is, whether he feels confident in certain spheres of his life, whether his life is balanced and whether he is moving in the right direction in this period of his life.

Today "so simple!" Invites you to go through it to understand yourself and your goals, needs. To pass this mini-test you only need a leaf and a pen.

psychological test

  1. Redraw a wheel on the sheet.
  2. Wheel of harmony

  3. You need to put yourself a mark of "0" to "10".
  4. Briefly about scales - spheres of life:

    Family and friends. How do you evaluate your relationship with close people.

    health. From "dead, I do not breathe" to "alive, energetic, mobile, more than ever".

    money. "There is no money" until "I was beating a geys".

    career. Career growth, or how successful you are in your business.

    free time. As much as you are your own master.

    love. "0" - and what is it? "10" - I myself Venus (Apollo).

    Entertainment and leisure. How colorful is your life?

    House, space. Assess your roof over your head in the literal sense of the word.

  5. Then successively connect the points.
  6. Analyze your "wheel of life".

The more round the result, the closer you are to feelingHarmony and happiness. But do not despair if your marks are far from 10, it just means that you still need to work on some aspects of your life! And tell about this psychological test to your friends!