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How to update things

Of course, the most Clean frying pan - this is a new frying pan, the whiteest sneakers - the ones you never wore. But, believe me, if you try, even heavily soiled objects will shine!

It makes sense to try to apply these miracle tipsTo clean up in practice, and then the things that you often use will look decent. Especially pleased with the secret of cleaning the plates of scratches: they never liked me ...

Caring for Kitchen utensils With the mind, you will surround yourself with comfortable, practical and clean things. Go for the job with the belief in success: these methods of cleaning different surfaces are tested more than once!

How to update things

  1. Plastic cutting board
    A board made of plastic or similar material will be perfectly cleaned if you moisten a sponge in lemon juice with salt and rub it well with a board. Wash the solution with water - and the purity will triumph!
  2. cutting board

  3. Wooden cutting board
    Lightly sand the board with sandpaper. Wash it in warm soapy water, dry and dry completely. Put some warm vegetable oil on the surface of the board. Let the oil soak and wipe the board with a towel. It will be shiny and clean for a long time after such a procedure!
  4. cutting board

  5. Cast-iron frying pan
    Put a dishwashing detergent in the pan, place the utensils with the product in the garbage bag, tie it. Leave the frying pan to soak for 1-2 days.

    Then wash it with hot water. If something badly laundered, you can soak the pan in warm water with vinegar (1: 1). After the frying pan has cleared, you need to create a new coating: heat the oven to 220 degrees and put the frying pan there for an hour.

    Take out the scorching dishes and smear it with oliveButter, put back into the oven (first on the bottom, then - upside down). After 15 minutes, apply another layer of oil and let the pan warm up for an hour.

  6. Cast-iron pan

  7. Plastic containers
    Greasy stains on plastic dishes are perfectly laundered with the help of ordinary toothpaste.
  8. Plastic containers

  9. Copper utensils
    Copperware should be rubbed with salt, sprinkled with vinegar and rinsed. Shine is guaranteed!
  10. Copper utensils

  11. dishes
    Unpleasant scratches on the plates can be removed with the usual polishing agent for porcelain.
  12. dishes

  13. Pillows
    Use for washing fairly aged pillows very hot water and a mixture of 1 spoon of washing powder, 1 spoon of bleach and 1 spoon of dishwashing detergent.
  14. Pillows

  15. Baking tray
    The pan will be effectively cleaned if you apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and soda to the surface. Leave this gruel for 30 minutes, and adhering fat can be easily removed!
  16. Baking tray

  17. wooden table
    Mix the vinegar and olive oil 1: 1. Rub this table with an emulsion and rejoice at its renewed appearance!
  18. wooden table

  19. Light sneakers
    Canvas sneakers are easy to upgrade. Mix 1 tsp. Means for washing dishes, 3 tbsp. L. Hydrogen peroxide, 2 tbsp. L. Soda. Apply this solution, rub a little problem areas, wash it off the surface of the shoes.
  20. Light sneakers

  21. Leather furniture
    Rub the scratch on the leather furniture with olive oil, let it absorb. If the scratch is still visible - repeat the action several times.
  22. Leather furniture

  23. Microfiber-clad furniture
    To remove the stain on this delicate material, moisten the white sponge with alcohol. Let the soiled area dry, then clean it with a brush.
  24. Microfiber-clad furniture

  25. Plastic furniture
    Mix vinegar, baking soda and dishwashing detergent, wipe with plastic solution. Plastic furniture is transformed.
  26. Plastic furniture

  27. Terry towels
    So that the towels are fluffy, rinse them after washing in salt water.
  28. Terry towels

Sure that these tips will save you more than once! Make sure of their effectiveness and pass it on to others - cleaning up contaminated items takes a lot of time and energy not only from you.

Remember that caring for an old thing instead of buying a new one, you help the environment and save the resources of the planet, and this is a very inspiring fact!