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Unusual application of lemon

We already wrote about the useful properties of lemon: Apply for cosmetic purposes this product can be daily! Lemon perfectly removes any inflammation, removes irritation from insect bites, bleaches the skin and even displays warts. Lemon water helps to lose weight, and lemon juice Cures stomatitis. Lemon with honey instantly softens the throat, relieves pain with sore throat and relieves the throat irritation from a strong cough. If you rinse your hair with water and lemon after washing, you can get rid of dandruff unnoticed!

And this is only a small fraction of useful ways to apply lemon. Remember, it will come in handy!

Ways to apply lemon



  1. Add 1/2 tsp. Lemon juice in rice when cooking - porridge will be white and fluffy.
  2. For sour cream sour cream lemon is irreplaceable, when sour cream is too sweet and fat. Whipped cream with lemon is very pleasant to taste!
  3. Wilted salad can be brought back to life with lemon juice. Squeeze half a lemon, add to a plate of cold water and dip into the water lettuce leaves. He will come to life!
  4. Lemon perfectly suited for marinade. And chicken, and pork, and beef will be much tastier if marinated with lemon juice and spices.
  5. cosmetology

  6. Whiten and strengthen the nails with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. Such a bath will quickly put your hands in order!
  7. Freckles and pigmentation spots will become less noticeable if they are regularly treated with lemon juice.
  8. Domestic chores

  9. Vinegar, water and lemon - a killer mixture for cleaning windows of any level of pollution.
  10. Lemon juice in combination with olive oil - a good tool for polishing furniture.
  11. So that the mixers are unrealistically glittering, and their sodium with lemon. Stains and stains from water will disappear.
  12. Doors in the shower room will be ideal if you mix a lemon with soda and wash them with this mixture.
  13. Soak silver in 1, 5 glasses of water with 1 tbsp. L. Lemon juice and 0, 5 tsp. Of dried milk. Silver dazzles brilliantly!
  14. Parquet floors can be rubbed with a mixture of vinegar and lemon. Fantastic effect!
  15. Wash the coffee maker with a lemon - a good ideaAgainst mold and odor. Just add a half of the squeezed lemon to the water tank, turn on the coffee machine for one operation cycle, wash the water tank. Cheap and very effective disinfection.
  16. To remove the unpleasant smell of garlic, it is enough to rub your hands with lemon juice and wash them with soap.
  17. Lightening a fire or a fireplace, add a dry lemon peel. The smell will be breathtaking!
  18. Put a slice of lemon next to the cat's toilet, and unpleasant odors will not be scary!
  19. Lemon juice excellently removes greasy stains from clothes, and also carefully brightens the armpits.
  20. Stains from berries on the hands can easily be removed with lemon juice.
  21. Lemon juice can be used as invisible ink. Write a secret message with juice, one who holds a paper over a burning candle will read it!
  22. The scent of lemon is the best Antistress agent. Use lemon to aromatize the air indoors, boil the crusts in the water, and also add the ether lemon oil to the aroma lamp.

There is a tradition to bite lemon vodka and cognac. There is even a special snack, "Nikolashka", - a slice of lemon, on which semiprecious poured powdered powdered sugar and coffee is very fine grinding. A combination of sour, bitter and sweet taste - very noble, it is recommended to try it!

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