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Perfect combinations of hair color and clothing

Choosing a wardrobe, you need to focus not only on Color combinations And the style of the clothes, you also need to think,Is this tone appropriate for your hair. This is an important fact, because any girl, choosing the wrong color, can simply turn into a gray mouse and get lost in the crowd. But having made the right choice, you can emphasize your facial features and hair color.

So that you no longer make mistakes in the process of buying clothes, "so simple!" Prepared for you infographics, which shows which colors suit brunettes, blondes, redheads and owners of ashy hair color.

Perfect combination of hair color and clothes

blonde hair

dark hair

Red hair

Ashy hair

This useful information will help you in the future to choose clothes that will look perfect on you, so keep this infographics and do not forget to tell about it to your friends!