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How to use sugar in everyday life

Now more and more people are trying to eat right and Give up sugar, As they consider him a "sweet poison". Many scientists argue that this product affects our body slowly, but at the same time brings incredible harm to the health and shape of a person.

But we do not recommend that you completely get rid of the sugar in the house. First, it is useful if it is in small quantities. Secondly, this sweet product can be used for other purposes.

We have prepared 11 cunning ideas for Application of sugar, Which, most likely, you will be useful in life.

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How to use sugar in everyday life

  1. Scrubs with sugar are now used in all beauty salons. They can be easily manufactured at home.

    If you want to have a smooth and velvety skin, mix sugar with coconut or olive oil and drop 2-3 drops of proven essential oil.

  2. Cut flowers will stay fresh longer if you add 3 tbsp to the vase with water. L. Sugar and 2 tbsp. L. Vinegar.
  3. Many housewives use sugar as aStain remover. He perfectly copes with stains from grass. Wet the stain with warm water, sprinkle with sugar and leave for about an hour. Then wash your clothes as usual.
  4. Sugar helps with lungs Burns of the mucosa Mouth with a hot drink. Put some sugar on the tongue and the pain will go away.
  5. Sugar will help to make a fire faster. Put a little sugar on the wood, after that start the ignition.
  6. So that the cookie lasts longer, put it where it is stored, a couple of slices of the refined sugar.
  7. Sometimes, it is difficult to wash off fuel oil or fat from your hands only with the help of soap. But with the help of sugar and any vegetable oil, this is done very simply. Mop the prepared mixture in hands and wash it with water.
  8. if needed Stop hiccoughs Faster, put sugar in your mouth and hold it a bit.
  9. If something burned on the stove and you have to quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell, put a piece of sugar between the burners in the iron bowl and set it on fire.
  10. When biting a wasp it is recommended to attach a piece of sugar to the affected area. It will help draw the poison out of the wound and prevent swelling.
  11. Many insects are very fond of sugar. So with the help of yeast and sugar can make an excellent trap, so that nothing could prevent your rest.

Take note of these 11 tips on the use of sugar in everyday life. Also do not forget to share them with your friends!