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A new academic year has come, and with it new and pleasant troubles. For example, teachers often ask parents to do Bookmarks for books. This not only makes it easier for the child to searchMaterial, but also preserves the integrity of the book - most of the students in the junior school are not very diligent and thrifty, and therefore risk tearing the pages.

For some parents, such a request turns into aPenal servitude, and for others - in pleasant troubles. Because this is a great opportunity not only to introduce the child to accuracy and thrift, but also to give a piece of warmth, which the child will remember even away from home.


You will need

  • Woolen yarn
  • scissors
  • Colored beads or any other decoration


  1. Take colored woolen threads. Take into account that the more thread you use, the larger the pompom will be.
  2. How to bookmark

  3. Wrap the skein around the palm of your hand.
  4. How to bookmark

  5. Pull in the middle and tie (so that the thread does not unwind).
  6. How to bookmark

  7. Take a string 27-30 centimeters long (you can have the same color), and tie it to the center of the future pompon.
  8. How to bookmark

  9. Gently scissor with each side.
  10. How to bookmark

  11. You should get something like this:
  12. How to bookmark

  13. Now gently trim the edges of the pompon, forming a ball.
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  15. The more the wool is cut, the smaller the diameter and the denser pom-pon itself.
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  17. Decorate the end of the lace with a bead and secure it with a small knot.
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  19. Here are such nice bookmarks in the end!
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  21. Remains attached to the bookmark to the root of the textbook, and forward, for knowledge!
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Such cute bookmarks are suitable not only forStudents of lower grades, but also for older students and even for students. If your friends have children - share with them this simple way of making bookmarks!