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How to use wine

Wine is definitely a wonderful drink that brings a lot of benefits to the human body. Of course, if you use it in moderation. But, in addition, Red and white wine Can be used in everyday life, and for cosmetic purposes, and even in gardening know about its remarkable properties.

If you have a spoiled wine left, do not hurry to throw it away, "so simple!" Will tell you how you can use it wisely.

Unusual use of wine

  1. Cleaning of glasses
    If you have a bottle of white wine, and the expiry date for it has already expired, do not throw this drink. It can replace the means for washing windows and windows.
    Cleaning of glasses
  2. mask for the face
    In red wine contains many amino acids, which are wonderful antioxidants, capable of Return the skin smoothness and elasticity.
    Cotton swab in wine
  3. Removal of wine and greasy stains
    If you accidentally spilled red wine on clothesOr furniture, white dry wine will help you clean up the stains. But all due to the fact that he has high acidity and there is an alcoholic component. Also white wine will help remove and greasy stains.
    Stain from wine
  4. Luxurious hair
    In red wine contains Resveratrol. It helps to prevent hair loss and softens the hair. Italians often rinse hair with red wine after washing.
    beautiful hair
  5. Disinfection of fruit
    Dry wine has antimicrobial properties, so they can handle berries and fruits For neutralization of bacteria and microbes. The results of research show that dry wine disinfects the same way as hydrogen peroxide.
    fruits and berries
  6. A trap for fruit flies
    A popular way to get rid of flies is a trap with apple cider vinegar, but the smell of wine attracts them no less. Make a funnel made of paper, so that the flies fall into the container, but could not get out.
    Fly trap
  7. Treatment of bruises
    Antioxidants in flavonoids that can To accelerate the healing of bruises. If there was no ice at hand, try replacing it with a compress of wine.
    Patch on the knee
  8. fertilizer
    Gardeners know that red wine can be replacedcompost. Add a few drops of wine to the soil, to activate the process of formation of beneficial bacteria. This will promote increased growth of seedlings.

Try to use wine differently and you will see that it is not only Tasty drink, But also a good fertilizer, a medicine and even a means for cleaning!