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Care of indoor flowers

At first glance it seems that it is quite easy to take care of indoor plants. Sunlight and water as the soil dries up - what more do you need? Colors For complete happiness? But it's not so simple. If your mini-garden dries up or just stops pleasing the eye - figure it out.

Experienced flower growers argue that if problemsBegan earlier than a couple of months after the purchase of the flower - this may be due to improper lighting, air circulation or watering. And if the problems began much later - there are pests in the pots or missing Nutrients in soil.

How to care for indoor plants

  1. Soft, yellowed leaves
    Yellowed leaves

    cause: Too much water

    what to do: First check the soil. If it is too wet or wet - water the plants less often. And still make sure that the pot has appropriate drainage holes.

  2. Leaves of brown color, when compressed, they crunch, fall off
    Brown leaves

    cause: Not enough water

    what to do: Try to water the flower until the water begins to pour out of the drainage hole. Do this every time the soil is dry to the touch.

    Remember that in different seasons, indoor plantsNeed a different amount of water. If the air conditioner or heater works, the soil dries faster. And vice versa, try not to pour flowers with water without special need.

  3. Thin spiderweb or tiny insects
    Insects on plants

    cause: Pests

    what to do: First you need to determine the type of pest. It can be spider mites (small insects with a silky web), whiteflies (tiny insects of white or yellow, reminiscent of a butterfly), thrips (insects with an elongated body that hold on the underside of the leaves).

    These tiny pests can spread from infected plants to healthy ones, so you should isolate the sick flower immediately after finding uninvited guests.

    One of the available ways to get rid of harmfulInsects - dilute alcohol with water (0.5 cups of alcohol to a glass of water) and daily gently rub the leaves (at least three consecutive weeks). If you do not have alcohol at hand - you can replace it with vodka.

  4. Soft faded leaves and low soil level in the pot
    Faded leaves

    cause: Lack of nutrients

    what to do: Causes of soil subsidence can be eitherThe lack of nutrients in the soil, and the gradual erosion of the land during irrigation. If the flower all its appearance requires fertilizing, try the old proven means: pour the used tea leaves or coffee grounds into the kidney.

Hope yours houseplants Will always look like in the best greenhouse. Share this article with your friends - maybe their green friends also need to be saved!