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Diet "Butterfly"

Probably every woman at least once in my life Was dieting. But, unfortunately, not all of them are as effective as we would like.

If you have long dreamed of ideal forms, you should try the amazing effect of a diet that "so simple!" Prepared today.

Diet farfalla or "butterfly" is now very popular in Milan. A survey was conducted, the results of which showed that every 5 residents of the city at least once in their lives sat on this diet.

Why is it so called? The whole point is that farfalla gives a feeling of absolute ease.


Since this diet comes from italy, then in it forWeight loss can only eat products that are popular in this country: Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan cheese, beef, olives and olive oil, etc.

Meal plan

  1. day 1
    Breakfast - 70 g of braised or boiled beef and 2 tomatoes.
    Lunch - 10 pods of boiled green beans and 8 olives.
    Dinner - 3 Bulgarian peppers, 6 sliced ​​Lettuce leaves, seasoned with two drops of lemon and a spoonful of olive oil.
  2. Day 2
    Breakfast - 2 sweet oranges or peaches.
    Lunch - 70 g of baked chicken fillet, 4 leaves of lettuce, 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan.
    Dinner - a handful of almonds, 1 red apple.
  3. Day 3
    Breakfast - 150 g of your favorite berries.
    Dinner - a salad «macedonia». It consists of sliced ​​kiwi, apple and pear, and refills from orange juice.
    Dinner - 50 g of baked cod fillet or other white fish.
  4. Day 4
    Breakfast - 2 walnuts, a bunch of blue grapes.
    Lunch - a portion of spaghetti from durum wheat with 1 tablespoon of tomato paste.
    Dinner - 80 g of boiled beef, 2 cucumbers.
  5. Day 5
    Breakfast - a handful of almonds and natural yogurt.
    Lunch-beef, stewed with parsley, tomatoes and Bulgarian pepper on a small fire.
    Dinner - a portion of the same dish that was cooked for lunch.
  6. Day 6
    Breakfast - 1 glass of orange juice.
    Lunch - 70 boiled rice, chicken egg.
    Dinner - a third of ripe pineapple.

This diet is sure to please you, because you do not need to interrupt tasteless gruel, and you can enjoy delicious dishes Italian Cuisine.

Try to adhere to this diet and you will see that on the third day there is a feeling of impeccable ease!