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Dry grinding of cellulite

Overuse Fatty foods, Fast food and sweets do not have the best effect on our health and appearance.

And if we add to this an insufficient amountDrunk a day of clean water, sedentary lifestyle, stress and insomnia (who does not happen!) Then you can find on your fifth point is quite ordinary by today's standards, the problem - cellulite.

Unfortunately, a miracle cream or the most fashionable diets for one night will not save you from "Orange peel". It is better to allocate time for yourself to your beloved and pamper your body with a massage. The result will not keep you waiting!


Dry grinding

This method Fight against cellulite Has already managed to prove its effectiveness. Firstly, it gives a lasting effect (especially in combination with essential oils or anti-cellulite cream).

Second, it improves skin tone, relieving it of stagnant phenomena. Third, it helps to get rid of stretch marks due to weight loss. And fourthly, brings joy from the care of his body.

The session of the medical-cosmetic procedure should take from five to ten minutes. Take a dry loofah or brush and treat them with problem areas.

Remember: the procedure should not cause unpleasant sensations. Also, be careful not to stretch the skin during massaging movements. Achieve a slight redness and a sense of warmth.

It is important to repeat sessions regularly, ideally every day after a warm bath or shower.

Grinding of the feet should always begin with the legs, gradually rising to the hips, and finish the procedure with the zone of the buttocks or abdomen (waist).


It is impossible:

  • Stretch the skin;
  • Strongly press on the brush;
  • Rub your skin with maximum effort.

If you do not follow these recommendations, you canTo injure the thinnest lymphatic and blood vessels, while our goal is to supply the tissues with blood and make a good lymph drainage. After the procedure it is desirable to apply aromamaslo or anti-cellulite cream.

Unfortunately, thick legs with tissues,Supersaturated liquid, with coarse steatomas can not be cured by rubbing and anti-cellulite cream. Such problems require more effective procedures and medical care.

And yet you should not give up dry grinding, because in this way you can not only maintain the skin in a tone, but also motivate yourself to fight cellulite.

The most important human struggle is the struggle againstyourself. And in most cases - with his laziness. If you do not lose heart and do not give up, do not succumb to your laziness and fight to the end - from such a fighter even cellulite will escape!

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