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Websites for school children

When the child goes to school, his parents themselves read the training on the second round. Because you need every day Help the child do the lessons And explain what he did not understand at school. But parents themselves often do not remember the program that took place more than 20 years ago.

If your child is in school, then 25 sites that "so simple!" Prepared today, will help you improve his academic performance and recall the long-forgotten Formulas and rules.

Useful sites for school children

Sites for school children

    Universal assistants

  1. Nashol.com is a large library where you can find links to books, remakes, dictionaries in all subjects and for all classes.
  2. Gdz - ready homework, textbooks, abstracts, topics and cribs.
  3. Internet lesson - video lessons on basic school subjects for grades 1-11 in open access.
  4. The national electronic library is an archive of digitized publications, both in the public domain and in copyrighted ones.
  5. School knowledge is a site where students help each other with their homework.
  6. School assistant - materials on mathematics, algebra, geometry and the Russian language.
  7. Russian language and literature

  8. Gramota.ru - useful resource, which is useful not only to students
  9. Culture of written speech - here are collected rules, tests and tasks, dictionaries and reference books.
  10. Children's online library - school program on literature for grades 1-11.
  11. A short content of books - a huge library of summaries in Russian.
  12. mathematics

  13. Nigma is an intellectual search engine for leading indexes, which also solves equations (section "mathematics").
  14. Catch the answer - with the help of this program you can solve examples and equations of any complexity.
  15. School mathematics - there are explanations of the material, the solution of problems and examples, cribs with formulas.
  16. English

  17. Learnenglish kids, learnenglish teens - fun educational portals for children aged 5 to 12 years, and 13-17 year olds.
  18. Puzzle english - a channel on youtube with video lessons on various topics.
  19. geography

  20. A geographical online directory - reference data, physical maps and a geographical atlas.
  21. A short geographical encyclopedia - is capacious about everything that the teachers of geography teach.
  22. biology

  23. Electronic textbook on biology-accessible materials on botany, zoology, anatomy, biology and ecology.
  24. Encyclopedia "flora and fauna" - information on almost all types of animals and plants is collected.
  25. The theory of evolution as it is - for convenience, all materials are classified according to the level of complexity: from 1 st to 3 rd.
  26. chemistry

  27. Organic chemistry - an interactive multimedia school for high school.
  28. Chemistry for all - illustrated materials on general, organic and inorganic chemistry.
  29. Chemnet - electronic library of educational materials on chemistry.
  30. physics

  31. Physics.ru - site for physics teachers, pupils of 7-9 grades and their parents.
  32. Nuclear physics on the Internet is popular about science.

These educational sites should be sure to show your child that he It is easier to learn and learn the material.

And tell them about it to your friends and girlfriends, whose children also go to school.