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How to make a bra without a back

Often on the streets of the city you can observe such a picture: there is a beautiful woman in a chic dress with an open back, but her appearance is spoiled by a prominent Underwear.

This girl came up with a brilliant solution to the problem and offered to make a bra without a back. Unfortunately, only girls with a small breast size will be able to appreciate this method.

But, in general, the idea is wonderful. Just can not wait to try!

Bra without back

You will need

  • bra
  • scissors
  • Thread
  • Hairpins


  1. Cut the straps from the side of the bodice.
  2. Cut the side of the brassiere belt.
  3. Fasten the straps with stilettos in such a way as in the photo.
  4. Try on a bra and look, or you even attached straps.
  5. Then sewing the strap with a thread and a needle.
  6. Bra without backrest is ready!

Now you can safely go out into the world. Open dresses And your underwear will not be visible.

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