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How to disaccustom a child

Children are very impressionable creatures and they alwaysCan not wait to tell what they saw or heard. So they often just run up and, not listening, who and what says, begin to talk about everything in the world. It's hard not to agree with the fact that it should not be so.

So today "so simple!" Tell you, just for good Wean your child to interrupt conversations Adults. We have prepared for you the story of a woman who was told about this technique by her friend.

How to disaccustom a child

Mother and son

"I was talking with my girlfriend, when suddenly her3-year-old son wanted to share something with his mother. Instead of interrupting the conversation, he simply put his hand on her wrist and waited. She also put her hand on top and went on talking. The thought was over and my friend turned to the child.

I was delighted! so simple. so soft. It was very respectful and constraining at the same time. The boy had to wait a couple of seconds until her mother finished the sentence, after which she turned all her attention to him.

I told my husband about this and we immediately took this equipment into service. We explained to the children that if they need to say something, and someone is already talking, they should simply Put one's hand on one's wrist The one who speaks and expect. A little time, patience and children stopped interrupting us. And do not need rude phrases like "do not get into conversation" or "do not interrupt me!" Only a slight touch of the wrist. And that's it! "

If your child is often unceremoniously wedgedIn conversation of adults, with this technique together with him. This will help you grow up a disciplined, educated and intelligent person who will Respect other people.