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Tips for learning languages ​​from Kato Lomb

Kat Lomb is a writer and one of the first Simultaneous interpreting in the world. This woman has independently learned 16 languages. Many of us think that to effectively learn languages ​​you need to attend lessons of a professional tutor, go live in another country and have innate inclinations.

But the Catholic Lomb was not completely agree with this. We suggest that you learn about the 10 tricks that this Polyglot. These recommendations are suitable for adults and children alike.

Tips for learning languages


  1. Practice your language every day. Read, repeat, what you learned, learn new things, but always every day. Morning is the best time.
  2. If the desire disappears, change activities. You need to engage in joy. Do not want to learn the words, just watch the movie in a foreign language.
  3. Memorize new words in context. Try not to memorize.
  4. First of all, write down the new phrases that are used in many situations. For example, words of gratitude and other frequently used expressions.
  5. Try to translate in your mind everything you see and hear in the language you are studying. It can be advertising on TV, a poster at a stop, foreign songs and so on. If the phrase you do not know, write down or take a picture of it, then to translate the house using a dictionary.
  6. Teach, but at the same time check the correctness. Modern advice from the editorial staff: if you are learning a language without the help of a teacher, then be sure to speak to voice translators and ask your questions in language forums.
  7. Ready phrases and expressions remember in the first person, For example: "i am on the ball." "I'm not a miss.")
  8. Use all kinds of resources. Read newspapers and articles on the Internet, watch films on foreign, communicate with native speakers whenever possible.
  9. Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Speak and ask others, with whom you communicate, to correct you.
  10. be persistent. Never doubt your own abilities, you will succeed.

Take note of these 10 tips for learning the language and start using them today. The result will not be long in coming.

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