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How to relieve a headache

Who knows about the dreadful aching headache is notBy hearsay, this advice will not pass. Head massage is a way to improve the blood supply to the problem area, relieve tension, reduce pain. We offer you a technique that will help you not worse than pills - head massage Using a conventional waffle towel, twisted in a spiral.

A well-known fact: in the nervous tissue of the brain there are no receptors that are susceptible to pain. If you headache, This means that the discomfort arose in the skull,Nerves, vessels, muscles of the neck, eyes, subcutaneous tissue. The widening or narrowing of the vessels of the head, the change in intracranial pressure are the main causes of an unpleasant headache.

Massage with a towel is an effective way to affect the circulation in the head and neck area, it helps to remove pain symptoms. Besides, it's so nice to massage the head ...

Therapeutic head massage with towel

  1. Pick up a suitable towel - not too thick, the wafer is the best. Twist it into a sufficiently dense harness, using a spiral motion.
  2. Well press the towel to the back of the head. Hold it with both hands from different sides in a stretched state.
  3. Move the towel around your neck, head and shoulders. Do it rhythmically, spin a towel a little so that the massage is intense enough.
  4. Hold this procedure for 3-5 minutes - this stimulation will be enough to calm the slight pain. If the pain does not disappear, take a break for 10 minutes and repeat the massage.

Manual therapists believe that the most common cause of headache - spasm. Massage by a towel in a spiral relaxes the neck and head area, helps to eliminate spasms, positively affects the pinched vertebrae in the collar zone.

Head massage with strong pains can be combined with additional therapy - drink a cup Mint tea, This drink promotes the expansion of blood vessels. The pain will go away quickly!

If you often suffer from a headache,It is necessary to consult a neurologist. Because the causes of this terrible phenomenon can be very much - from the constant poisoning of the body with improper food and sedentary lifestyle to serious hormonal failures and Disorders in the nervous system.

Do not forget to walk in the fresh air for a sufficient amount of time - this is the first way to prevent pain in the head area.

Recommend this massage from a headache to your friends, they will be grateful to you!