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How to store things

When you start looking for something very necessary, oftenYou regret that there are so many things in the house. Where to put everything and how to properly decompose the necessary and secondary subjects? Designers work on this issue tirelessly. Order - the trend of the modern world, people are tired of enduring chaos.

Suggested below 30 ideas will help you Organize the space in the house - there are useful ideas for the kitchen, and for the living room, and even for the nursery. Carefully: after reading, you want to install some unexpected designs in the house ...

How to keep things right

  1. An ironing board in the closet is something that many housewives lack.
    Ironing board in the closet
  2. Shelf with a lift for kitchen appliances.
    Shelf for kitchen appliances
  3. Method to arrange pans. For real perfectionists!
    Storage of pans
  4. Drying does not have to be right above the sink ...
    Drying for dishes
  5. A convenient shelf for kitchen sponges.
    Kitchen sponge
  6. Drawers will save a lot of space!
  7. Hooks are not superfluous in the kitchen.
    Hooks in the kitchen
  8. An additional crossbeam will allow you to hang a towel next to the curtain in the shower.
    Crossbeam in the shower
  9. A special wardrobe with boxes for spices is a gourmet's dream.
    Closet drawers
  10. In the shower curtain can store small toiletries.
    Shower curtain
  11. A convenient shelf above the sink.
    Shelf above the sink
  12. Mini closet in the toilet.
    Mini closet in the toilet
  13. Built-in bathroom cabinet.
    Built-in bathroom cabinet
  14. Baskets for clothes hidden from prying eyes. It's brilliant!
    Baskets for clothes
  15. So you can organize a place for your favorite dog.
    Place for a dog
  16. Attaching a stand near the bed for a picture, you will get a shelf for the necessary trifles.
    Stand for picture
  17. An ovule for storing shoes.
    Ottoman for shoes
  18. TV in the table!
    TV in the table
  19. Place behind the mirror as if created to store jewelry ...
    Storage of ornaments
  20. Bracelets, wallets, hats.
  21. Original shelves for shoes.
    Shelves for shoes
  22. A bag for storage of the designer lego, thanks to which it is convenient to collect even the smallest details.
    Designer bag
  23. Perforated board will help to cope with a heap of toys.
    Perforated board
  24. Individual lockers for clothes for every day of the week.
    Lockers for clothes for every day of the week
  25. Shelves for books behind the door.
    Shelves for books outside the door
  26. Hide the printer - great move!
    How to hide a printer
  27. No tangled wires!
  28. The holder for paper towels is suitable for garbage bags.
    Garbage bag holder
  29. The perforated board is also suitable for placing tools.
    Perforated board
  30. Additional shelves - the main secret of the order in the house!
    Additional shelves

So that things are always in order, just give a couple of minutes a day of their organization. Show your friends these design ideas, inspire them to clean up!!