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English idioms

You can not think that you know foreign language Ideally, if you are not familiar with the most popularIdioms. They often confuse foreigners and put people in an awkward position. But for native speakers - these phrases are an integral part of everyday communication.

Some idioms do not have corresponding equivalents in our native language, which makes them more interesting. For those who decided improve my English, We have prepared 11 excellent idioms, which can often be found.

Popular English idols

  1. You can not take it with you
    You can not take your things to the next world. For example, do not take care of the old service for a special occasion. live now!
  2. Over my dead body
    This phrase is easy to understand. It means "Only over my dead body". Remember how it sounds right in English.
  3. Tie the knot
    With this expression, you can replace the phrase "to get married". This idiom went from tradition to link the newlyweds with a ribbon so that their union would be lasting.
  4. Cool as a cucumber
    Literally "Cold as a cucumber". This expression is used in a context where someone is relaxed or calm.
  5. Do not judge a book by its cover
    Literal translation "Do not judge a book by its cover". It sounds like "Meet on clothes, see off on the mind". The first impression can be deceptive, so it is worth giving the person a chance to change it and not immediately label it.
  6. When pigs fly

    A funny phrase worth remembering. It means "never". Our equivalent is "When the cancer on the mountain whistles" or "after the rain on Thursday".
  7. Full of beans
    If you are full of energy and enthusiasm, then a better phrase than "I am full of beans"You can not find. Once the horses were fed beans so that they had a lot of energy and they won at the races.
  8. Wear your heart on your sleeve
    Literally "carry your heart on your sleeve." Do not hide your feelings.
  9. It's a piece of cake!
    The meaning of this phrase "pushover". What could be easier than eating a piece of cake?
  10. Bite your tongue!
    If you want someone in a soft form to ask you to calm down or shut up, better use this phrase. It means "Bite your tongue". «Shut up"Is a rough expression.
  11. An arm and a leg
    This idiom means "A lot of money, a high price". Used when the price is so high that you need to sell a part of the body to be able to afford it. Here they say "Will have to sell the kidney".

Idioms allow Learn the language and culture of the people deeper. And also it is very interesting.

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