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10 mistakes in wearing clothes

Once the world-famous manufacturing company underwear And jewelry florange decided to do a little research. It turned out that about 80% of the fair sex representatives wrong (!) Choose the size of underwear.

That is, what should become our secretWeapon of seduction, threatens to develop into torture or even become a subject of ridicule. Wow prospect, is not it? We offer your attention the 11 most common and truly female mistakes in choosing clothes.

10 mistakes in wearing clothes

  1. Carefully, spaghetti straps!
    Spaghetti straps that look out from under the clothes, is a mauve ton. It is better to pick up a strapless bra at all or to buy a "cabriolet" bra that allows you to change the arrangement of the straps.
  2. Attention to white!
    If in your wardrobe there are white trousers and you want to show off in them, do not wear under them panties of white color - they always look through. For thin and light clothing it is better to choose the lower Lingerie flesh-colored. In an ideal - also seamless.
  3. Fashion of the people
    A few years ago fashionable women wore blackBra under a white blouse and it was considered a squeak of fashion. But now this combination does not look the best, so carefully watch what kind of underwear you put on black or white things. It is also advisable not to wear translucent clothes, even if you put a jacket or coat on top of it.
  4. Transparent - does not mean invisible
    If in your closet there is a very cool translucent white blouse and you want to put it on - beneath it you should have a bra with an elongated top and a strapless bust.
  5. home Sweet Home
    Very many ladies sin that at home they remove their bras to have their breasts "rested." However, only girls with small breasts can afford such a "rest".

    Otherwise the ligaments of the chest will stretch and alreadyAre unlikely to return to their original position. By the way, many women pick up laundry for the house in shops for pregnant women. The brassieres there are excellent at coping with the support of even a large breast and do not cause discomfort.

  6. Size is the main thing!
    The most common female error in choosingUnderwear, and clothes in general - wrong size. Many people think: "I'll lose weight" / "get better" and buy underwear for size (or even a few!) Less / more! The next time you choose a bra - pay attention not only to the size of the cups, but also to the length of the strapless. Here is an example of improperly selected linen:
  7. Less synthetics
    And now let's talk about panties. Remember, quality linen should be 80% cotton and 20% - from elastane (to keep the shape longer). Leave synthetic clothes for a special occasion.
  8. Cotton is our all!
    If you prefer 100% cotton panties,Then you should know about their shortage - fragility. Such underwear quickly stretches and loses its shape. If you want to keep your health and at the same time save a little - try to choose linen with a low content of Lycra (about 20%).
  9. Strings - fight!
    Young girls wear thong practicallyDaily and completely unaware of the harm they are doing to their health. Firstly, the thong is almost always made of a synthetic material that is unable to absorb sweat and prevents the skin from breathing, which creates ideal conditions for the reproduction of bacteria in the bikini zone. Secondly, a thin strip can cause unpleasant gynecological diseases. Give up string for a while or alternate them with panties of other models. And you will be happy.
  10. Hello from the past
    Large seams of panties, which are visible from underClothes - this is warm greetings from the recent Soviet past, in which there was not only sex, but also beautiful, comfortable lingerie. Fortunately, today every girl has a choice. Most importantly, do not make a mistake!
    Mistakes in wearing clothes

Hope you have no problems with Selection of underwear. But your friends this article can come in handy. Do you want to check? Share with them our advice and go together in search of linen, which will be impeccable!