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The rules of this lady

This must be learned from childhood, many believe. Well, when next there is An example of a real woman - smart, accurate, discreet and wise. And if you were not lucky and you were born in a completely different environment?

We believe that a lady can be every woman,the main desire. Because the internal settings of a person can be changed, even if he grew up in a family of alcoholics, where no one remembers the name of that great-grandmother.

The modern rules of this lady - these are the rules of a person who is well-bred, attentive to other people, who respects himself and others. A valuable reminder to all: work on yourself begins with a small and always brings fruit!

Qualities of these ladies

  1. susceptibility
    Only narrow-minded people are categorical and obstinate. Lady - the one who always listens to others, will take for herself something useful from any conversation and will not argue over trifles.
  2. politeness
    Friendliness - one of the most attractive qualities of any woman. Be polite, and you will always be welcome in any society.
  3. wisdom
    Policy, national differences, the difference inReligious views ... we will repeat: do not argue not only over trifles. Even such global things do not cost your participation in a meaningless dispute. For a lady to argue is indecent, she always holds to her opinion, but does not impose it on others.
  4. Calmness and modesty
    In any situation, modesty is the best decoration for a lady, even if her neck is decorated with diamonds.
  5. Majesty
    The manner of holding on to the lady is special. No small, unpleasant to the eye movements - the lady knows how to spend her energy intelligently and not interfere with others at the same time.
  6. posture
    Stoop is a sign of weakness, and a lady is a strong woman.
  7. Benevolence
    The lady knows how to treat others: only with sympathy and kindness. Any person is important to her, even a casual counter-it's a true Good breeding Assumes a great heart.
  8. dignity
    To leave behind a good impression, just do not be rude! It is important to remember in any situation.
  9. Self-discipline
    The true lady is fragile, like an egg shell, but stronger than iron. Behind external fragility lies a strong character, which helps her to achieve everything that is needed for happiness.
  10. work
    The real lady does not consider hard work as somethingIs inadmissible. It is enough to recall the girls from noble families who voluntarily went to the front as nurses and rescued people. While they remained the best of women ...

There is another secret that distinguishes a lady: she watches herself. Because people who are near, should enjoy not only from communicating with her, but also from what they see! Care for others - this is what is absorbed with the mother's milk.

It is those people who, from childhood, are taught to genuinely worry about their neighbors, are worthy of admiration. And the whole world at their feet ...