/ How to get rid of moths

How to get rid of moths

Many are still surprised at the availability of Moths in the apartment: Humanity is increasingly alienated from nature,Cockroaches have already become rare guests, and all the moths do not care! Where does this survivability come from? The fact is that the moth is very fond of fur and wool, and things from natural materials today are considered a sign of well-being.

The greater the purchasing power of people, theMore chances of moles to become a member of this particular family. Frighten this neighborhood? Our article will tell you how to use the natural and affordable means to cope with the moth, which has already been registered in your closet!

How to get rid of moths


Types of home moth

  1. Fur coat
  2. Clothes
  3. Furniture
  4. Grain

How to deal with moths

  1. Fragrant soap

    As a national remedy for our mothsGrandmothers used ordinary fragrant or household soap. Decompose the dry bars in the cabinets between clothes or linens. Such a tool not only scares off the moth, but also fills things with a pleasant aroma.
  2. Plants with a sharp odor
    Pads with lavender

    Sharp smells can scare off the mole, soTo control pests, it is better to use such odoriferous plants as lavender, cloves, geraniums, mint, eucalyptus, walnut branches and even chestnuts. To get rid of moles in a wardrobe, you can pour dried rags of lavender or other strongly smelling plant into rag bags or napkins. If you want to try to lay out chestnuts, then make sure that the room or cabinets are well ventilated, otherwise mold will appear.

  3. Orange and lemon
    Orange peel

    Fresh peel of orange or lemon beautifullyProtects the shelves from moths. However, do not forget to change the peel to fresh as it dries. By the way, the citrus aroma only repels the moth, but it does not kill it, so if there are larvae on the shelf, find a place for laying eggs or use more radical means of struggle.

  4. essential oil
    Lavender oil

    Just a few drops of lavender essential oil,Mint or eucalyptus will help protect the wardrobe from moths. Soak small pieces of tissue or napkins with oil and spread them out on the shelves next to things.

How to prevent the appearance of moths

  1. Periodically conduct an audit of their wardrobe. This allows not only to avoid the appearance of moths, but also to throw away unnecessary trash in a timely manner.
  2. Keep clothes in special bags, bags or boxes and do not forget about dried herbs or oil-soaked strips of fabric.
  3. All carpets, blankets, pillows, blankets, etc. at least twice a year, take out to fresh air, properly dry them, shake them out and clean them from dust.
  4. Wipe the shelves of cabinets and other storage places with vinegar, cleanse dirt, grease and dust.
  5. Before you send winter shoes for storage, get insole, thoroughly wash them and dry them. Inside the shoes, you can put lavender, tobacco, small napkins soaked in essential oils.

Almost all Folk remedies against moths Are very affordable, inexpensive and, most importantly, safe. Share these tips with your friends. Now your fur coats are safe!