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Useful tips for parents

Communication with children is the most important Part of the educational process. Sometimes it sets the tone of life. One wrong word can hurt a person. That's why it's so important to choose the right words in a conversation with your child.

If you tell your child words of gratitude, Love and just genuinely interested in hisLife, then he will grow more confident in himself, will enjoy life, learn to truly love. That's what psychologists recommend to tell their children from a young age.

Advice to parents

mother with daughter

    More often say:

  1. "I love you".
  2. "I love you, no matter what happens."
  3. "My love is always with you, even when you're not around."
  4. "If they offered me to choose any child on the planet, even the most obedient, I would still choose you."
  5. "thank you".
  6. "Today we had a wonderful day together."
  7. "My favorite time is when we do something together."
  8. Tell your child:

  9. About how the family chose his name.
  10. About his early childhood adventures.
  11. About himself at his age.
  12. About the history of dating mom and dad, grandfather and grandmother.
  13. When the baby is near, tell him what you are doing. As well as general plans for the evening.
  14. Listen carefully:

  15. Everything that the kid tells. It is very important for him.
  16. His questions.
  17. Be interested:

  18. "why did this happen?"
  19. "what are you thinking about?"
  20. "how was your day?"
  21. Show:

  22. How do you cook the food.
  23. How to fold things correctly.
  24. How to take care of loved ones.
  25. How to care for pets.
  26. To spend time on:

  27. Listening to the singing of birds in the park.
  28. Joint walks.
  29. Watching the child's games.
  30. Please the baby:

  31. Put condensed milk in pancakes.
  32. Prepare the food in a beautiful form.
  33. Play with him on the floor.
  34. Give:

  35. Smile to the child when you meet him from the garden, the school, the section, the guests and so on.
  36. Always hug the child in return.
  37. Let the child calm down a little before helping him.
  38. dad with daughter

Talk to your child, give him time, and then you will see the result. «Children hear much more than adults suspect, and understand a lot", Wrote Robertson Davies. Therefore very important To speak the right words to your child.

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