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How to stop being nervous

Everyone knows about the deep Breathing during stress, That you need to distract yourself whenYou worry. Someone is helped by a glass of warm water drunk with a tablespoon of sugar, and someone in a state of stress can not cope with emotions at all! It would be great if more people could learn about this method.

Just one simple action will help out at a critical moment and help Get a hold of one's self. Wherever you are, whatever happens to you - a way to cope with emotions, experiences and stress exists. Check at the first opportunity!

How to calm down

How to stop being nervous

To calm down, you need to reduce the amount of the adrenaline hormone in your blood. Adrenaline is released when Border situations - those that the body perceives as dangerousfor life. If you cope with it, the nervous system will immediately come to a stable state. So, if you are very nervous, you are enraged or panicked, follow the following recommendations.

  1. Sharply inhale, with a strong grip of the palm and digging into it with your fingers.
  2. Exhale and spread your fist.
  3. Repeat this 10-15 times, concentrating on the movement of muscles, breathing intensively.

The secret of the effectiveness of this technique is thatSharp energetic movements will help cope with the off-peak adrenaline. In principle, you can not only clench your fist - sharp kicks in the air, quick sit-ups and any energetic movements will distract the body from the critical situation.

Your task is to take control, and Fist technique Will help you with this. Anxious thoughts will leave you if you switch to increased physical activity.

when Acute stress Left behind, it is useful to conduct such a procedure. Depict your nervous nervous state on paper - you can draw something, you can write about your feelings. This will help to completely throw out the situation that caused the experience. A sheet of paper is torn or burned, you can make a plane out of it and let it off the roof.

The technique of a straightened fist acts without fail. Advise this way of instant control over the situation to friends, take care of their nervous system!