/ How to get rid of hiccups

How to get rid of hiccups

"Hiccups, hiccups, go to fedotah, from fedot to yakov, from yakov to everyone." Who among us does not remember this child proverb? By the way, many people use her healing power to this day!

But what if the proverb does not help, butHiccup as luck would have caught unawares? Try using the tips below! Many of them can be used not only at home, but also on the way to work or while traveling around the city.

It is noteworthy that there is no single recipe for hiccups that doctors could prescribe. That's what we, simple citizens, have to use the centuries-tested Folk methods. Try it - it's very simple!

How to get rid of hiccups

  1. Hold one's breath
    This is the easiest way to get rid of hiccups, which, incidentally, is recommended not only by traditional healers, but also by doctors.
  2. Eat sour
    It is believed that the acid that enters the esophagus, "bewilders" hiccups and brings relief to the person. The main thing is to remember that everything is good in moderation.
  3. lemon

  4. Pinch your nose
    Pinch your nose with your fingers and drink a glass of water in small sips. If you do not have a glass of water at hand - try several times with your nasal mouth to swallow saliva. Difficult, but effective.
  5. Eat sugar
    If possible - eat a full spoonful of sugar(If desired, you can replace it with honey), without washing down. In a few seconds should help, however, if the hiccup does not pass, do not use this method again, it is better to try another.
  6. sugar

  7. Ask you to tickle
    If there was someone nearby - ask him to tickle you. For a person who is afraid of tickling, this is the best way to focus on something more unexpected than a hiccup.

  8. Use the ballerinas method
    Bend in the lower back, put your hands behind your back and,Arching his neck, try to drink from the glass, which is held by another person. If no one is around - put the glass on the table and try to perform the procedure yourself.

    It is believed that this method is used by ballerinas (they are constantly corseted chest, and therefore often there is hiccups).

  9. Girls drink water

  10. Pull the tongue
    The personal doctor of President Kennedy recommended to his patient the following method of treating hiccups: get down to the tongue and delay it for a few seconds. According to the doctor, this method works flawlessly.
  11. Push on the hollow
    Davy on the hollow at the junction of the clavicle with the breastbone for a few seconds. I once helped.
  12. Hollow

  13. Use the folk method
    Fright is considered one of the best folk methods for eliminating hiccups. If you are sure that you are well acquainted with the fears of your friend, you will easily be able to rid him of hiccups!
  14. Call for help fingers
    In order to stop the hiccough, press the largeThe finger of the left hand to the little finger of the right, and the thumb of the right hand to the little finger of the left, as if forming a figure-eight. A great way if you do not have a glass of water or sugar at hand.

My grandmother still believes that if she hiccups, then someone remembers her. So during Bouts of hiccoughs She starts mentally or aloud to list the names of all family members, distant relatives, neighbors ...

And as soon as he calls the right name - hiccups pass! And in what ways do you struggle with hiccups? Share with your friends a good mood and tell how quickly and painlessly get rid of such misfortune as hiccups!