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What to do to prevent the cake from sticking

All the housewives know: bake Cake cake Or biscuit - half the case. You can spoil the holiday cake halfway to victory, allowing only one annoying mistake ...

About the method of "French shirt" told meA familiar confectioner. Having done so several times, I use this trick always, it is suitable for any baking. If you have a form to which something always sticks, and you often suffer in the process of extracting the finished cake from the container, this method will save you. It is usually recommended to lubricate the form with butter or vegetable oil, before pouring dough into it. We suggest you to improve this moment for the best result!

What to do to keep the cake from sticking

  1. Grease the shape with oil, as usual.
    Cake shape
  2. On top of the mold with flour, so that a peculiar bloom of flour is obtained.
    Cake shape
  3. Instead of flour, manuka can be used - this will also prevent the adhesion of any cake to the mold.
    Cake shape

That's the whole method, which with pleasureUse French confectioners! Thanks to a layer of flour or semolina, the dough is very easily separated from the mold, the oil simplifies this complicated business. The cake will turn out to be smooth and whole, with perfectly even edges!

If you prefer to use parchmentPaper for baking, remember one more valuable advice. Having processed ordinary plain oil with plain paper, you will get an analog of parchment when it is not at hand.

Tell your friends about the small nuances that make baking not only delicious, but attractive in appearance!