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Fighting puffiness

The human body consists of 60-70% of water. Almost 2/3 of this water is inside the cells, the rest is in the intercellular space. Just because of the increase in the volume of liquid in it and are formed Edema...

If you are familiar with this problem,We recommend that you consult with your doctor, since the treatment depends on the underlying cause. But they can not be counted! Ranging from diseases of veins, kidneys, thyroid and ending with overeating at night - all this can cause Puffiness.

Faster Get rid of edema, It is advisable to follow the following recommendations ...

How to deal with edema

Swelling of the feet

  1. Start with food
    Salt and refined carbohydrates - what's worthExclude in the first place or at least reduce consumption. It is also desirable to forget about spicy food and harmful evening snacks. Before going to bed it is better not to eat up at all!
  2. Do not forget about vitamins and minerals
    Swelling signals that your body needs more fresh fruit, vegetables and greens. Do not neglect foods rich in potassium and magnesium.
  3. More traffic!
    A sedentary lifestyle has never been of use. Try to walk more and begin to do exercises in the morning. Physical activity "squeezes" excess water from the body.
  4. Puffiness is not a reason to give up water
    Everyone knows about the need to drink at least 2 litersWater per day. Only it needs to be done during the whole day, and not to remember the nedopitom before bedtime! In addition, people with heart failure and problem kidneys should be consulted with the doctor.
  5. Sleep is not for weaklings!
    You will not look beautiful and cheerfully if you do not sleep enough.
  6. Pamper yourself with massages
    In the presence of edema on the face recommend lymphodrainage massage zogan. But only experienced specialists will help to solve the problem with stagnation of water and lymph, self-massage in such a case is dangerous.

Following simple recommendations, you will forget about this unpleasant problem. Take care of yourself and tell your relatives, How to remove swelling.