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Errors in the repair of the kitchen

Often during repairs we are so passionate about Choice of design, That we forget about practicality. It is especially important to take this into account when repairing the kitchen, because fast and safe cooking requires certain conditions.

"so simple!" Prepared for you 10 typical mistakes that people make when repairing the kitchen. This is worth paying attention to!

Kitchen renovation

  1. Awkward pens
    The intricate protruding handles can look very impressive, and in practice are uncomfortable.

    If the locker is located in the corner, the door will not open fully. The box that is inside the nightstand will stop moving out.

  2. Extended working surface
    In some large kitchens they put furniture along one wall. This design in practice causes a lot of inconvenience. You will have to run constantly from one end of the kitchen to the other.

    It is better to choose a more compact layout (n-shaped). And do not forget that the refrigerator, stove and sink should be located near.

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  4. Finishing with natural marble
    Sometimes it may seem that natural material is more practical. But the marble surface is porous, and a lot of dirt can get clogged there. Better choose an artificial stone.
  5. Cumbersome ducts
    It often happens that the cooker is located far fromVent. Then you have to install the air duct, which does not look very aesthetically pleasing and is very dirty. Solution - extractor with a carbon filter.
  6. Glossy kitchen fronts
    It is better not to choose a glossy surface for the kitchen, because it always has fingerprints.
  7. Dining tables with glass tops
    There is a great temptation to buy yourself such a table for the kitchen. But remember that scratches can easily appear on the glass. Moreover, the sound from the dishes on the glass table will be loud enough.
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  9. Shelves instead of boxes
    Getting something off a deep shelf can be very inconvenient, especially if you need to find a thing quickly. It is much easier to remove this from the drawer, the contents of which are easy to see.
  10. Wide drawers
    In the store a massive box can be pushed without problems, because it is empty. And now imagine, if you fill all this space with dishes.
  11. Too many stitches
    It is more practical to choose a solid cloth for covering walls. The space between the short glass canvas gets dirt.
  12. Inefficient use of the working surface
    You will need an extra space for householdDevices, as well as sockets. For convenience, it is important to place kitchen appliances at the belt level. Do not forget to leave free areas of the working surface for cooking.

Hopefully, now you will be able to equip your kitchen beautifully and comfortably. This article is useful to everyone, so do not forget to share it with your friends!