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How to use garlic

Garlic is the favorite product of many people, since it is incredibly healthy. But very few people know that it helps not only in Fight against viruses. Garlic has many uses in the fieldHealth, beauty, cooking and not only. Its beneficial properties can be spoken for hours. Eat garlic for health and discover its useful properties!

How to use garlic


  1. For colds
    Pour the garlic with boiling water, let it brew for 7 minutes. Strain and drink a drink. This remedy will help you to protect yourself from the common cold or cure the disease.
  2. anti-acne remedy
    Cut a clove of garlic and attach it to the place where the pimple started to appear. Perform the procedure several times a day, and the skin will become clean.
  3. Treats herpes
    Pharmacy means do not always cope with their task, so they come to the aid of the people. Add half a clove of garlic to the affected area. Herpes will pass much faster.
  4. Relieves foot fungus
    If you are bothered by a foot fungus, then you canUse the grandmother's method. Throw the garlic through the press into the hot water. Let it brew for 15 minutes, pour this remedy into the foot bath. Keep your feet in water for no more than 30 minutes.
  5. For pest control
    Garlic perfectly helps in the fight against somePests in the garden, for example with aphids. 200 g of garlic, passed through the press, fill with a liter of water. Close the container with a tight lid for 5-6 days. For spraying plants, 25 ml of the infusion is dissolved in 10 liters of water.
  6. Bonding of materials
    Garlic is a natural glue. It can be used for gluing various materials, for example paper.
  7. Cleaning surfaces
    Chop several cloves of garlic. Fill the dispenser with white vinegar and put the garlic in it. Add a few drops of lemon juice - and the cleanser and disinfectant is ready. The smell of garlic will not be felt.

Also garlic is used to strengthen immunity, reduce cholesterol, improve metabolism, treat toothache and so on. Use garlic for good!