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How to reduce pressure

Increased arterial pressure is a problem familiar to most modern people. There are many reasons for this: lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol, stress, salty foods, overweight. So that Normalize pressure, You need to change the diet and think about a healthy lifestyle. But this does not always help ... and the risk of acquiring hypertension with age only increases.

Manufacturers of medicines benefit from this, inventing all sorts of magic drugs To reduce pressure, Which, alas, sometimes do more harm than good.

Since this problem is quite common, "so simple!" Decided to share with you a unique naturalA method of lowering blood pressure. The method itself originates in Chinese medicine. All that is required of you is to find a line on the face and easily massage it. Well, let's get started!

How to reduce pressure



  1. Points 1 and 2
    The line starts slightly below the earlobe and goesDown the neck, as shown in the picture. Do not press on this line, but just easily pass through it from beginning to end, gently touching the tips of your fingers. Repeat the procedure 10 times on both sides of the head.
  2. Point 3
    The next line starts at the height of the earlobe(About 1 cm from the ear) and moves the arc towards the nose. Easily massage the line from both sides with your fingertips. Do not put too much pressure on the skin. During the massage try to relax, think about the positive result.

    This exercise for 5 minutes leads to blood circulation in an ideal state: a natural and harmless way to reduce pressure at home.

    face massage

Take note of this unique method of Chinese medicine and tell us about your impressions in the comments. Your friends will also be useful to know!