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The best gifts for a child

Modern children have a huge numberToys, so it's really harder and harder to surprise them with something. Unfortunately, many parents spend too much time on personal work and work, and their own Love of the baby Try to demonstrate through all sorts of toys and devices.

Of course, long-awaited gifts bring a lot of joy, but they will never replace Things that can not be bought In no supermarket in the world. Now we will tell you about those gifts for which your baby will be grateful to you all your life!

The best gifts for a child

mother with daughter

  1. Gatherings on the knees
    Find only a couple of minutes to take the baby to his knees and ask him about today, read a fairy tale or just hug him.

  2. a strong family
    The fear of being abandoned by their parents is considered among the strongest children. Do not deprive the child of the foundation on which he will build his future life - try to keep the family intact.
  3. support
    Never skimp on a sweet word, praise and support. It is very important for children to know that they are appreciated and understood.
  4. hugs and kisses
    Parental love Is important at any age: in 2 years, and in 20 years. No matter how old your child is, it's never too late to hug or kiss him, expressing your love.
  5. Family lunches or dinners
    It is proved that children who have dinner or dinner with the family grow more confident. Do not deprive yourself of the chance to spend extra time with the child. Children grow so fast!
  6. discipline
    It's no secret that disciplined people achieve great success in their lives. The main thing is not to confuse discipline with tyranny and inadvertently not to discourage the child from craving for order.
  7. The possibility of making mistakes
    Try to let go of your desire to control the child even while you sleep and sometimes let him experiment, explore and learn from your own mistakes.
  8. time
    Time is the only gift you can never take back or return. And that is why it is considered one of the most valuable.
  9. Craving for knowledge and curiosity
    «Enough to ask so many questions! "- this phrase should never sound in your house. Encourage the child's desire for new knowledge.
  10. sense of humor
    If the baby is not too guilty -Try not to scold him, but to turn a misdemeanor into a joke. It is very important not only for the self-esteem of the child, but also for understanding that others too may be mistaken and in need of forgiveness.
  11. honesty
    Children who have been taught from the childhood to be honest have much more opportunities to remain as honest adults. Such people enjoy life more and sleep even more peacefully at night.
  12. hope
    In the most difficult situation, hope gives the person determination, strength and forms endurance. The child should know that even in times of desperation, he must not give up and continue moving forward.
  13. imagination
    The world, which was 20 years ago, can not be compared with what it was today. All these changes have occurred only because of people who have a fantasy.
  14. The opportunity to try something new
    Encourage children not only to show curiosity, but also to try something new to better know their preferences, abilities and capabilities.
  15. optimism
    Pessimists never changed the world. It was done by optimists.
  16. Self-evaluation
    Children who know how to value themselves, grow more confident, have a sense of dignity and self-respect.
  17. uniqueness
    Help the child To open one's own potential And do not be afraid to show the world something in which it can be appreciated.
  18. home
    Perhaps, to know that at home you are always loved and waiting - the most pleasant and inspiring thing that is so necessary for every person. Does your home give warmth to your child?
  19. Fidelity to spouse
    Children are very keenly aware of the lie and the cold in the relationship between the parents, even if it seems to you that they do not notice anything.
  20. love
    Absolute and unconditional. This is the most valuable gift that all children need without exception.

Each child needs these gifts more thanToys or fashionable gadgets. Give today to your child at least three of them and be sure to click on the "share" button. Let as many people as possible learn about the really important things!