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How to remove scratches from wooden furniture

Even when it does not help Polish, This simple method will come to the rescue. Remove scratches from wooden furniture using just 2 simple ingredients.

We have already talked about how, How to get rid of ugly scratches Using a traditional walnut: You need to thoroughly rub their wooden surface, and the scratch will become less noticeable. The grooves and grooves on the tree are smoothed with a soft nut mass. Known method of tinting dark wood with iodine - it masks the scratches, you can cover the wood with varnish after such a procedure, and the furniture will get a more well-groomed appearance.

But the way you will get acquainted now is much more effective.

How to remove scratches from wooden furniture

Table in the room

Mix half a glass of vinegar and a halfA glass of olive oil. This mixture rubs the scratched wooden furniture, how much will suffice! The result - just a sight. This is a natural cheap polish that removes large and small scratches, and also Improves the appearance of an aged tree. I tried to conduct this experiment with my coffee table, and it turned out unexpectedly beautiful.

Who would have thought, but Cigarette ash Also removes scratches from the tree. It is necessary to mix ash and water in a thick paste and abundantly lubricate it with scratched places. Do not rush to grieve, noticing the scratches on your favorite furniture - first try to get rid of them with the help of these effective tools!

Wood - a natural material that loves Natural substances. Advise your friends this article, time to update the long-suffering table!