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How to peel a peach from a peach

Not everyone likes the velvet peel of peaches and apricots. There are people who do not tolerate it! The skin of fruits should be removed, When you cook a beautiful jam or compote, - the juicy pulp will be highlighted bright, without the skin the fruits change the taste and become more tender.

Small children can not chew hard skin, so Fruit blanching For mother becomes a habitual occupation. This trick is known to any cook, but each of us can do it. Prepare to "undress" a peach!

How to peach a peach

You will need

  • A bowl with very cold water, you can - with ice slices
  • Saucepan with boiling water
  • skimmer
  • knife
  • Peaches, apricots or nectarines


  1. Make a cross-cut on each fruit that you want to clean.
  2. Peach clearing

  3. Throw the fruit in boiling water for 40-45 seconds.
  4. Peach clearing

  5. And now - a sharp turn of events. Quickly transfer the fruits from the boiling water into the icy water.
  6. Peach clearing

  7. Slightly prying the cuticle with a knife, you can easily clean all the fruits.
  8. Peach clearing

  9. What delicious they are!
  10. Peach clearing

Prepare a peach jam - no problem,The skin will be removed in a couple of minutes! I was always calm to the skin, but now I blanched the apricots at the first opportunity - they turn out to be extremely fragrant and seem tastier.

Canned peaches no longer look likedelicacy. Removing the hard skin from fresh fruits, you can decorate them with a variety of desserts, jellies and even cakes, add delicate slices to the cream. Very festive look Peaches without peel In a jar of compote - a real canned sun.

Show this tricky reception to friends - blanch the fruit are few!