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How nice to get on the photo

Many people believe that they are not Photogenic, And are constantly hiding from the camera lens. But often the cause of bad shots is not the appearance of someone photographed, but the wrong posing.

Journalist samantha simmonds showed some simple tricks. With them you will be To look perfect Not only in life, but also in pictures. And it's all without much effort.

How beautiful it is on the photo

  1. Angle
    The fact is that all people have asymmetrical faces,So you need to know your "best" side. So thinks the photographer from London john Godwin. Turn to the lens with the side that you like best.
    How to pose
  2. Pay attention to the eyes
    Samantha says that when she is photographed, she often raises her eyebrows to have a more open look. John says that because of this, her face expresses surprise or even fear.

    So that the look was deeper and more thoughtful, celebrities such as jennifer lopez, mila kunis and others, a little screw up their eyes.

    How to pose

  3. Do not overdo it with a smile
    Too broad smile sometimes turns out to be false, besides it does not suit everyone. Gentle and friendly - this is what you need.
    How to pose
  4. Cheeks
    To visually narrow the face, turn your face to the camera at an angle and press the tip of the tongue to the palate.
    How to pose
  5. Forget about the "precision"
    "Dakface" disfigures the face. Professional models slightly press their lips, as if they want to kiss someone.
    How to pose
  6. Look upwards
    So that the picture is successful, look a little up. If you look down, the face will turn out more aggressive.
    How to pose
  7. Lift your chin
    That the face turned out more effective, raise your chin a little. This trick will help you visually lengthen the neck and make the cheeks seem smaller.
    How to pose

Take these adorable tips into your arms, and you'll be great in photography. Also do not forget to share these tips with your friends!