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How to equip the workplace

According to ancient Chinese practice, the surroundingHuman things are able to influence his inner state. Of course, many consider such exercises as feng shui, not only outlandish and unfamiliar to our brother, but also completely ineffective.

However, psychologists have long proven that the presence of living plants in the workplace positively affects human health, and Order on the table Increases efficiency and mental activity. Who knows, maybe this is the result of the action of that very positive energy, which the feng shui experts say to us?

We offer your attention a table in which it is clearly shown which zone is responsible for what.

How to equip the workplace

Arrangement of the workplace

Career zone

Here it is better to arrange a computer. As a favorable desktop screensaver, you can use any water theme (sea, waterfall), which symbolizes money and abundance.

Area of ​​knowledge

The most suitable place for the placement of useful literature, reference books, notebooks, in general everything that helps you in your work.

Family area

It is recommended to place a family photo or a gift from someone from the family.

Wealth zone

A suitable place for a green plant or water symbol (mini waterfall, calendar with a picture of water).

Zone of fame and reputation

In this zone it is good to place your achievements: Medals, awards, certificates. Will suit even your own photo, on which you are sealed at the peak of success (getting a red diploma, winning at competitions).

Health zone

It is noteworthy that this part of the table should alwaysBe perfectly clean. But if you want to bring from home some thing, then according to feng shui you can put any symbols of the earth: flowers, pebbles, seashells.

Zone of relations

Ideal place for photos of a loved one or any love symbol.

Zone of creativity

To activate this zone help metal objects from iron, copper, silver or gold.

Zone of useful links

An ideal place for a work phone, a diary with useful contacts, business cards, documents.

Arrangement of the workplace

of course, Feng Shui - this is not magic and not a magic wand thatCan solve any problem. Rather, it is a visual reminder of which areas of life you are currently working on or what you want to achieve in life.

The Chinese themselves say that feng shui isWay of thinking or a way to create a balance in life, but not magic. Think that you will lose, go think you will win? Will be as you think! Tell us about, How to equip the workplace, To your friends and colleagues by clicking the "share" button. Sure, they will also be interested to read it!