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Air humidifier

With the beginning Heating season All owners of central heating are faced with the problem of air dryness.

Some notice that it becomes harder for them to breathe, others worry about the indoor plants that constantly need moisture.

And it becomes especially difficult for those who have children, because you can not save a child from all the infections, and a sick child, like no one, needs cool and moist air.

The heating season is just around the corner, and if your apartment still does not have a humidifier (and you will not be able to buy it), try using our advice. But on Money saved Better buy children fruit!


You will need

  • plastic bottle
  • Scotch
  • Fabric strip
  • gauze
  • water



  1. Cut a hole about 5 x 10 cm in the side of the plastic bottle.
  2. Hang it with a hole up on the horizontal tube of the battery, using ribbons of fabric.
  3. Fasten the ribbon on the bottle with tape so that it does not slip out.
  4. Fold gauze in several layers in the form of a rectangle 10 cm wide and about a meter long.
  5. Put one end of the wick in the slot of the bottle, and the rest of the wind on the hot tube of the battery. It is better to make two such wicks.
  6. Pour water into the bottle (for example, with the help of another bottle).

The device has been successfully installed and ready to use!



  1. Make sure that the bottle is constantly present water.
  2. The intensity of moistening is adjustable by raising and lowering the bottle.
  3. Make sure that the wick does not hang anywhere below the water level, otherwise it will drip onto the floor.

This humidifier has several advantages: it does not require material costs, is easily manufactured and is very easily replaced in the event of a malfunction.

Tell your friends about this simple way to moisten the air with a plastic bottle!