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How to pack flowers with kraft paper

On our expanses Kraft paper Is becoming increasingly popular. It is often used for various crafts, gifts and, of course, as a package. It is very nice to receive gifts, but it is equally important to give them properly. Fortunately, today every flower saleswoman can beautifully wrap even the most modest bouquet.

If you are a happy ownerOwn garden, we advise you to stock up on kraft paper and master this technique. And if you are used to buying flowers - then this method is important for you doubly - because in that case you will not pay extra for Packaging. So, shall we begin?

How to pack flowers

You will need

  • Kraft paper
  • Food film
  • Small scrap of cotton fabric
  • Ribbon
  • water
  • Pencil and paint on request

How to do it

  1. If you have a desire and a bit of free time - perch the eraser of a simple pencil in the paint and, turning it into a round die, leave on paper prints.
  2. Flower packing

  3. If in the previous step is not necessary - proceed to the next: cover a small piece of food film with a cloth dipped in water. This will help the flowers last longer to retain moisture.
  4. Flower packing

  5. Place the bouquet so that it is in the center of the cloth shred.
  6. Try to firmly wrap the bouquet, so that moisture does notGot on paper. Place flowers diagonally in buds toward the right or left upper corner and double-fold the underside of the paper as shown.
  7. Flower packing

  8. And now gently wrap the bouquet itself, smoothing the fold lines with your hands.
  9. Flower packing

  10. It remained to gently wrap the bouquet with ribbon or twine and tie it nicely.
  11. Flower packing

  12. I would also not refuse to receive a bouquet packed in this way!
  13. Flower packing

As they say, all genius is simple! Such a wrap perfectly complement the bouquet of garden or field flowers. Redaction "so simple!" Wishes every subscriber to receive such bouquets every day! Share this article with your friends - share your good mood with others!