/ How to Grow Garlic

How to grow garlic

Garlic is the main product on our table. It is not only a delicious seasoning for the first and second dishes, but also a natural antibiotic.

Daily consumption of garlic - a pledge of good immunity, Strong teeth And gums, healthy heart, clean liver and peace of mind!

If you are a happy owner of even the smallest of beds - you can safely use our recommendations for planting garlic. Now your neighbors will envy you!

How to grow garlic


  1. To determine which garlic you want to plant. Winter is planted for the winter (September - October), and spring, when the frost runs out, - in April.
  2. How to grow garlic

  3. Choose a suitable place for planting. Garlic loves a lot of sun, but you can also choose a penumbra for it. Prepare the ground.
  4. Cultivation of garlic

  5. For planting choose only fresh garlic without dark spots and damage. You can select even slightly sprouted denticles.
  6. Cultivation of garlic

  7. Take only the largest denticles, then the harvest will please you.
  8. Plant garlic in the intended fossa to a depth of about 5-10 cm. The distance between the denticles should be at least 20 cm.
  9. Cultivation of garlic

  10. Cover with hay, dry leaves, straw, compost or mown grass. This process is called mulching.
  11. Cultivation of garlic

  12. In the spring, after the end of cold weather, fertilize the soil in which garlic grows.
  13. Cultivation of garlic

  14. if Garlic In the autumn months, you need to be very carefulTreat watering. Otherwise the bulbs can rot. In spring the plant is watered once a week, if there is no rain. Closer to summer, watering can be reduced, since garlic loves heat and dryness.
  15. Cultivation of garlic

  16. Some insects, for example aphids, can significantly spoil the crop. Field mice can also be established in mulch soil. Be careful and protect your harvest.

    Cultivation of garlic

  17. When the plant starts to germinate, you can use fresh shoots for salads or seasonings.
  18. Cultivation of garlic

  19. If the stems begin to dry out - the garlic is ripe. Harvesting usually lasts from late summer to late autumn.
  20. Cultivation of garlic

  21. Digging up garlic, you need to be extremely careful, because your crop can be accidentally cut.
  22. Cultivation of garlic

  23. You can store garlic in ceramic ware.
  24. Cultivation of garlic

  25. Or tie and hang in the pantry (as an option - in the kitchen).
  26. Cultivation of garlic

  27. Some mistresses prefer Store garlic In oil and even in vinegar! If you want to repeat their experience - be sure to put the jars in the refrigerator.
  28. Cultivation of garlic

Garlic, as well as bread, - all the head. If you want to boast of a good harvest - be sure to share this article with your friends and implement the proposed recommendations!

Sure, neighbors will line up for a secret recipe for an excellent harvest!